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Remember these 7 Road Rules to Avoid An Accident

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You know those drivers that seem to forget the most common-sense road rules? Acting like the rules don’t apply to you is seriously unsafe. Do your part and ensure your car is always up to date on maintenance and keep these road rules in mind.

7 Road Rules You Need To Follow

Please, drive safe and share these 7 road rules with others.

Left lane is for passing only

One common habit many people have is driving in the left hand lane for miles and miles down an interstate. The problem is these same people seem to enjoy driving the speed limit or even under while doing this. The left lane was designed to pass people who are driving slowly. Treating the left lane as a drive lane creates backups and angry drivers and unsafe passing conditions.

When turning left, stay in the left lane

The proper driving technique when making a left hand turn into a multiple lane road is to end your turn in left lane. Most drivers are aware of this and simply are not expecting a car to make a left and come into the right lane while doing so. This can lead to accidents and should be avoided.

Don’t block intersections

Blocking intersections can create a complete mess and create huge backups. When approaching an intersection that is obviously backed up the proper technique is to wait before entering the intersection to see if you can make it through the light before it changes.

Drive distraction free

The most common distraction when driving is cell phones. For some people, a phone notification is like an ice cream truck to a child. Whatever Facebook update just came through can wait till you get where you are going to check. It simply isn’t worth an accident to find out what Bob had for lunch.

Use Your Blinkers

Blinkers are how you let other drivers know which way you will be aiming your vehicle. Not many people can read minds so it’s important to let others know what you are intending to do. This is a simple requirement that can help eliminate costly and dangerous accidents.

Maintain Safe Driving Distance

A vehicle simply cannot stop on a dime. At any moment something could enter the roadway in front of a car that might not be best to simply run over. If something makes the car in front of you stop suddenly, the only way to react and get your car stopped is to stay a safe distance off of them. Riding too close will not get you where you are going any faster. Calm down and back off the person in front of you. It might just prevent an accident and at the very least it will make everyone a bit happier.

Don’t Use Bright Headlights

The new super bright headlights make visibility better at night but they also blind many people driving around you. Even more annoying is high beams. High beams can help on remote rural roads but simply are not necessary when driving in most places. If you are going to use high beams remember to dim them when approaching oncoming vehicles or when riding too close to the person in front of you. Also remember fog lights were developed for use in foggy conditions. Consider turning them off when it’s not foggy.

Please stay safe as you drive. Remember, to treat you car with respect and respect the safety of everyone else on the road. Follow the state driving laws and don’t forget any road rules – no matter how simple they seem.

Remember these 7 Road Rules to Avoid An Accident- MommySnippets.com

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