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Lovin’ Belle

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Bunny girl apparently loves Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast for 2 reasons :

1. “She always wears yellow”– Bunny girl’s favorite color at the moment

2. “She obeys all the time” – According to Bunny girl “She obeys her Mama and Dada and gets ready for her show in time. She never misses her show.”
(During our trip to Disney world this March to celebrate Bunny girl’s 3rd birthday, we visited the section in the park called Belle’s Storytime Garden. Here Belle comes out and tells the children her version of the story of Beauty and the Beast. We’d told Bunny girl we had to wait for Belle to appear as she would only come out at a specific time. Guess that stuck in Bunny girl’s mind!)

Bunny girl has recently started drawing pictures of Belle and I love these so much. They are super cute and I just had to share this with you!

Bunny girl was 3 years 2 mos when she drew this. Here’s a link to my little artist’s first actual drawing- ‘Elmo’!Picture details, for reference (:>)- The round circles on either side of Belle’s face are her hands and the 2 lines at the bottom of her face are Belle’s legs. The fuzzy bit on top of her head is her hair and the long horn like projection on top of her head is Belle’s crown.

So precious!

July 4 2009 update:

Just entered Bunny girl’s art into the Toddler Craft Art Contest. Get your kids to enter too (or enter for them ;>). Lots of fun stuff to be won!


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