Is this noise normal?

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You don’t need to be a mechanic to know when your car needs a quick check up. Unusual sounds set off alarms in any driver’s mind. This mini guide should help enlighten you on a few sounds…

Is this noise normal-

Is this noise normal?

Have you ever heard sounds coming from your vehicle and wondered, Is this noise normal? If so, you are not alone. Our vehicles make many noises. Clicks, squeals, whooshes and squeaks. Determining which noises are normal car functions that don’t require attention, and those that may need to be addressed immediately, may be easier than you think. Armed with a good listening ear, you may be able to recognize the differences in car noises. Below you will find five car noises that we hear on a fairly routine basis.  Remember that any noise that gets louder or changes over time, should be looked into immediately. You may also want to invest in an auto stethoscope to really listen to the hisses and sounds our cars make. Saving a trip to the mechanic can be beneficial if you know which noises are Normal and which noises are Not Normal. Here are a few noises that may make you wonder…
what is this noise?
1. Loud squeal or scraping sound when you hit the brakes may indicate


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