Helpful Highway Tips for New Drivers

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The challenges a new driver faces are many. One such challenge is faced on the highways across the nation. Rather than succumb to fear and take by-roads, here are a few tips to help build up a novice highway driver’s confidence.
  Tips for New Drivers
Driving on the highway can be challenging for new drivers. Besides ensuring the car runs smooth after a thorough service, you need to keep these helpful tips in mind. Rest assured it won’t be any harder than getting into the car for the first time and taking a drive around the block!

 Helpful Highway Driving Tips for New Drivers:

1. Adjust your car seat to ensure your seat is set back comfortably and your back in rested against the seat, you’re relaxed and there’s no stress on your elbows, wrist joints, shoulders and knees.

2. Adjust the side view mirrors to ensure you can visualize maximally on both sides. The same goes with your rearview mirror.

3. Choose a quieter time of the day to take your first highway drive and remember not to over-speed or be well below the speed limits demarcated on the highway sign boards.

4. Don’t be overambitious and drive on the extreme left lane on day one. Stick to the right-most lane and stay on that lane for a good number of days till you get comfortable driving on the highway.

5. Remember these four musts before changing lanes:
a. Turn on your indicator to alert the drivers in that lane that you plan to move either to the right or the left
b. Check your blind spot
c. Check your mirrors.
d. Check your blind spot AGAIN and then switch lanes.

6. Keep a decent distance between your car and the car in front of you.

7. Do your first few drives with an experienced driver, who is someone you’re comfortable with and not stressed with their instruction.

8. Remember to slow down while entering the highway and exiting the highway.

9 And most important, DON’T text or use your phone while driving. If it’s an emergency, exit the highway, get into a parking lot and then use your phone.

It will only be a matter of time before you become confident to take on drives on the highway, any time of the day.

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