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He knows my thoughts. (God Whispers-8)

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At times when God speaks, it’s a still small voice…sometimes even a whisper. And it’s at times like these that He invites us to be still and know that He is God (Psalms 46:10).
Join me as I share with you 31 God Whispers…i.e. 31 Promises from the Word of God that sustain, strengthen and encourage me on my journey to be the Mommy and Wife God wants me to be.


He knows my thoughts (Day 8 )


  For there is not a word in my tongue [still unuttered], but, behold, O LORD, You know it altogether.

(Psalms 121:2-4)


Practically every husband I know says that there are those days when he just can’t figure out what it is his wife is trying to  say to him.

Yes, we women have this uncanny knack of being able to make statements to our husbands that are so coded that the poor men would not be able to decipher what’s being said even with an electronic decoder!


Isn’t it wonderful to know that our Heavenly Father knows what we want to say even before we utter the same?

It may just be a thought or a desire but even before we put it out in words, He already knows about it.

Before I met Hubby, I had this teensy weensy “wish”  in my heart to marry someone who knew how to clean and cook a whole chicken.  Hilarious? Maybe to you, but to a young adult who could burn water if she stepped into the kitchen, this was no laughing matter! I know I never prayed this out per se BUT God knew I had this “need” and somewhere along the lines, after I met Hubby, while we talked, I learnt that he could clean and cut a whole chicken!! (Hallelujah!!)


When Bunny girl was in my womb, we didn’t know whether we were having a baby boy or a baby girl. It didn’t matter either way to both of us but I had a desire. I really, really hoped, if I had a daughter, that she would have straight hair. (Hubby’s side of the family, both male and female, have curls) I never prayed this out but God knew and…

yes our precious Bunny girl (and later Bunny Boo too) was born with straight hair.


I can testify of so many, many more instances when God has answered unspoken but thought filled prayers.

If He can bring into fulfillment thoughts and desires that have not been spoken, why shouldn’t He answer those prayers you have spoken over the weeks…months…and years?


Be assured of this, that He DOES hear and record each of your desires,thoughts and prayers and though He may not answer them all when and how you want them to be answered, He WILL answer in a way that is best for your overall well-being.

Trust Him on this.



I pray that you will find comfort, encouragement and hope as you lean close to listen to God’s Whisper for your situation today.

Be blessed!



A big thank you to The Nester for triggering off a desire within me to do this…
I’m excited to see what God will do through this!
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  1. I completely agree that it is awesome to know God can hear even the thoughts we have deep inside. As for my husband, well…he doesn’t always get me and I don’t always get him. BUT, I know that God made us to compliment each other and we won’t always understand the other.

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