God-incidences…and Bethany Hamilton

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Nothing happens by chance, luck or happen-stance.

God orchestrates everything…even the teensy weensy things that happen in our lives. Everything.

God-incidences…and Bethany Hamilton.

The Background….

This past week, on Wednesday, June 13th specifically, our neighbor decided to host a movie night-block party for the entire neighborhood. The movie chosen to be screened was Soul Surfer..

If you haven’t seen the movie you must! It’s a life-changer. Here’s the trailer…



Dottie, our 6 year, was the most excited to watch this movie. We heard so much about it but had never seen it. She positioned herself in the front row of seats and watched spell-bound from start to finish..

We knew God had used Bethany Hamilton’s story to touch her heart in some way...

Fast forward…Friday, June 15, 2012: God-incidence #1.

While checking into our hotel at the Omni Bayfront in Corpus Christi, my eyes fell upon a pin board. Right there on a Select Guest Loyalty Card envelope was the name “Bethany Hamilton”..

An excited gasp escaped from me as I crouched to Dottie’s level and showed her the same. I then shrugged it off and said , “There must be several Bethany Hamiltons in the US.”

After-all Soul Surfer’s Bethany Hamilton lived miles away in Hawaii…not anywhere near Corpus Christi, Texas..

God-incidence #2: Saturday, June 16, 2012.

When we’re on vacation, we have a family rule that no-one stays glued to the television.

It so happened on this night, that Hubs went down to the car with Little Man. I was busy packing our bags for an early morning check out, keeping in mind…

1. We needed to get the kids up early for the hatchlings release and

2. We needed to make the 2 hour drive home, to get back in time for the 10 am Father’s Day service in church..

Dottie asked if she could flip channels and while doing so found a local channel screening the last few minutes of Disney’s animated feature-Cars. Knowing the movie would end in about 15 minutes, I agreed to her watching the same.

A few minutes later this ad came up on screen….


Bethany Hamilton was going to be sharing her testimony at the Bay Area Fellowship, the next morning…

yes, at a church in Corpus Christi!

Dottie and I shrieked with excitement.

We waited for Hubby to come in and shared our discovery with him..

We decided, after thought, that we’d pray about it and decide if we’d stay and worship at Bay Area or go back to our church..

So that night, Dottie, with all sincerity and a child’s innocence prayed…

” Dear Jesus, please can I see Bethany Hamilton tomorrow. In Jesus’ Name. Amen”.

God-incidence #3: Sunday, June 17, 2012.

After witnessing the hatchlings release, we took the 1 hour drive back to the hotel to have breakfast and check-out. We’d finished eating breakfast and were debating on whether or not we should stay or drive back..

As the lift doors opened, a tall, very familiar looking woman stepped out and walked by…

Bethany Hamilton!

Right there and then!

The same Bethany whose name had been on that pin board!.

The LORD answered the desire of my little one’s heart. She got to see Bethany, a few feet away..

Now we didn’t hound her or stop her because we felt she needed that privacy.

But that chance God ordained encounter helped make up our minds.

We were going to the Father’s Day service at Bay Area Fellowship..


Bethany’s testimony, during the Service, was incredible. You could see the LORD radiating through her every word and being..

No we didn’t get to see her surf in person, though she did show everybody something clever she can do…



But surfing was not why she was up on that stage.

She was there to share how Christ alone had walked her through the tragedy. Helped her overcome her fears.

And show how the Word of God and His Promises are so full of life..

Listening to her blessed my heart inside out.

It encouraged me that before me sat the fruit of two, faithful, God-fearing, praying parents.

{Many do not know this but Bethany asked Jesus to come into her heart at the age of 5. Nobody asked her to. She joined her best friend on the living room floor and gave their lives to the LORD. }..

It humbled me that this 22 year old had walked through that valley of the shadow of death but didn’t sit in the rut of gloom and nothingness. She drew from the strength of the LORD and rose to overcome what could have pulled her down. She chose to rise above her situation..

It touched my heart that she refused to be out when the Pastor made the altar call. She wanted people to ask Jesus into their hearts because they needed Him . Not because Bethany Hamilton was asking them to..

Looking at my little girl’s face that afternoon, I knew God is doing a work in her. We, as parents, may not see the fruit right now. But He has begun the work.

These God-incidences are all part of His Plan.


I’m learning never to discount God’s Abilities. Never to second guess Him. Never to under-estimate what He can do.

The past week was testament that anything is possible.


And No! There is no such thing as a coincidence. Life’s filled with God-incidences…

Amazing, wonder-filled, surprise-abounding, God-incidences!



* Excited! Just discovered Bay Area Fellowship has Bethany’s session up on YouTube. Watch and be blessed!* 



  1. That is lovely! How dear for your daughter to get to see that inspiring young woman who is truly a testament to what faith in God can do. I believe in Godinstances too, and I am so glad you shared yours. 🙂

  2. That is so amazing. God really works wonders, and I am so happy Bunny Girl’s prayers were answered. So touching.

  3. WOW!! What a terrific experience for your whole family and what a blessing to you all. She certainly is incredible and shines a great light on those that hear her testimony!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  4. This was a great movie, Be BOLD in Jesus, thank you for posting this! Shine for Jesus! <

  5. What a moving post of a memorable experience and encounter with a very beautiful person…so young and despite the ordeal her faith and trust rose above the difficulties …you are right there is no such thing as co-incidences…and I firmly believe that Bunny Girl does have that Hot Line to God…xxx

  6. Great post, I don’t believe in coincidences at all. It’s just too light of a reason for such a heavy circumstance…everything is written.

  7. I teared up a little watching the movie clip because it hit so close to home for me as I’m sure for many others. I only recently accepted my disabilaty as something that brings me closer to God, I use to be so upset and wonder “why was I this way” but this post gave me another reminder of who I am today and the things I can do that I couldn’t or wouldn’t of appreciated before….

    I’m so happy your family trip was such another blessing. I thank you for sharing this post with us. I know your daughter is growing up to be such a wonderful person such as yourself.

    shannpf1977 @ yahoo dot com

  8. simply AMAZING!! I love hearing stories like this! I really want to see this movie, I’ve heard such good things!

  9. Great post! Gave me goose bumps! 🙂 Plus I need to add this movie to my must watch :o)

  10. What an awesome opportunity.

    We love that movie. She is a great example on how God uses us if we let Him.

  11. What an awesome experience for your daughter! My daughter and I watched Soul Surfer when it came out at Redbox and we loved it! Bethany is a great, Christian role model for our children! Thanks for sharing.

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