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Giving Christmas Away Giveaway Event 2013 | Live Giveaways

LIVE: Giving Christmas Away 2013 Giveaway {#GiveChristmas ends 12/14} – 5 winners

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UPDATE: We’re extending the giveaway to end on the weekend. So get those entries in by 12/14/2013!


 Welcome to our BIG

Giving Christmas Away 2013 Giveaway


I’m so thankful we’re into our third year of doing this and as always, God has been so good in bringing in the overflow. (Read more about this wonderful event in my introduction post for Giving Christmas Away 2013)

We’re still expecting toys to come in till mid December or so and there’s a bunch waiting to be featured…

but so far, here’s what’s packaged and ready to go to our local home for abused children, this week.

Give Christmas 2013-set 1

What a blessing!

A big thank you goes out to all the generous brands that have partnered with us on this. Thanks to each one, we can help give Christmas away to more than just a handful of kids.

And that’s not all, some brands have gone over and beyond to offer an additional set of prizes.



So, here’s your chance to win Christmas gifts right here!

Keeping in line with the theme of this Event, it would be great if you would bless a child less fortunate than your own with the prize pack, you win but this is not a mandatory.

We understand that times are hard and that this may go towards making Christmas special for your own little one(s).


* As I share the goodies under each pack, I ask that you would click on each sponsor’s link to learn more about each toy/game…in appreciation of their generosity.

 {Links will continue to go live all through the week}*


Prize Pack 1 Giving-Christmas-Away-2013

Prize Pack #1  includes:


Prize Pack #2 Giving-Christmas-Away-2013

Prize Pack #2 includes:


Prize Pack #3 Giving-Christmas-Away-2013


Prize Pack #3 includes:


Prize Pack #4 Giving-Christmas-Away-2013

Prize Pack #4 includes:


Prize Pack #5 Giving-Christmas-Away-2013

Prize Pack #5 includes:

** All the games and toys featured in this Event (and a few other features) are being generously donated  to our local home for abused children**


Here’s what you need to do to enter the Giving Christmas Away 2013 giveaway:


Use the Rafflecopter  form provided below to enter this giveaway. Entries not recorded in the same will be disqualified..,

** Entering via all the modes of entry is optional. The only mandatory is the 1st mode…but remember the more options you cross off, the higher are your chances of winning one of the five fantastic prize packs!**


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I would like #4 and would give everything to other children except the Doc McStuffins game…my daughter would love that 🙂

  2. I would choose #3. My husband has been unemployed for a few months, starting a new job today. 1-2 of the prizes would go to my boys, but I ‘d love to be able to pay forward the generosity we have received recently to another family in our situation.

  3. I love number 5. But all of them are great. I would keep the headbands game for modish get and give the rest to a family I know in need. We always buy gifts for this family and leave them on the door step on Christmas Eve.

  4. I would like #1…but I think all of the prizes are wonderful. I would give them to my nieces and nephews.
    Thank you!

  5. All are great, but I think #1 would be great for my nieces and nephew! Something for all of them and something left over for my daughter too!

  6. the second one is my favorite because I love big hugs elmo…. but honestly, my kids would go nuts with any of these awesome prizes!

  7. I would love to win any of them, but I like Prize Pack #1 since it has a nice variety for different ages. If I won, I’d give it to hubby for the homeless childrens shelter his work adopts every year, they collect gifts (or money – then my kids and I go do the shopping for them) and have a party for the kids every eyar.

  8. My top choice would be prize pack #3 with the Kawaii Crush Happy Hyper Mall. This would be for my daughter and she would really enjoy playing with any of those toys.

  9. All of the prize packs include something my 2nd grade daughter would enjoy, and they all have something that I already want to “bless it forward” with and some kids in need that I know already in mind. But rules are rules, so I randomly choose prize pack 4.

  10. HOnestly, any. The gifts would go to th social worker at the kids’ school to help some of their peers to have a happy holiday season

  11. I’d most love to win #1 and would give most of it to my three kids, but the infant items to my nephew who is only 9 months!

  12. I would like number 1. I work with low-income families so this would be great to help them with Christmas for their children.

  13. I’d be happy to win any of them! If there is something in the prize pack that would really fit one or both of my kids, I may give it to them for Christmas, but otherwise I’d donate the majority to a local group that collects new and gently used toys for parents who can’t afford to buy toys to come and get for free to give to their kids for Christmas.

  14. I would love to win prize pack #1. I volunteer at a hospital and know several little ones staying there through Christmas that would love the toys and games in that package. Thank you!

  15. I like prize pack number 5. If I won, I would keep a couple of the items for my daughter and donate the rest!

  16. I would love prize pack #4, my daughter loves Doc McStuffins.. I would also give some toys to my cousin who is a single mom of 4 and needs help this holiday season.

  17. I like pack #1 and I plan on giving to the kids in my family because they ask for toys and I want to surprise them.

  18. prize pack 3 would be great for my grandchildren and for the little neighbor girl I am playing Santa to this year! Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

  19. I would pick prize pack #1. I would keep the Logo Game for my son and the Lalaloopsy Loopy Hair doll for my daughter. I would donate the rest to a local church that helps families out for the holidays.

  20. Oh my goodness, all of the prize packs are amazing! It is so hard to choose one but I would probably pick Prize Pack #1!

  21. I plan to give this to my grandsons!
    In order from favorite to least favorite – 4, 1, 3, 2, 5

  22. I am not particular as to which grouping of toys id get if I won..the reason being I would donate them to the Operation Santa for our community. There are so many kids who dont get any presents except what Operation Santa and groups like it provide. Id love knowing they would each make a childs Christmas a little bit better.

  23. Packs 2, 4 and 5 all have something my kids would love and others we’d contribute to a local toy drive.

  24. I would love any of the prize packs! I would love to donate the toys to the Toys for Tots toy drive near me!

  25. I’d love to win #2, I want that Follow Me Fiona so badly for my daughter! I’d split the toys between her, her brother and my nephews.

  26. Prize pkg #1 would be my choice. I’d give it to my sons; they’ve never been to Build a Bear!

  27. I think I would choose prize pack 4….but prize pack 1 is a close second. Really, they are all great giveaway prizes!

  28. I would pick prize package 1 and I would give it to my kids and to some families I know who need some help.

  29. I would pick prize pack #2. I so badly wish to give the Big Hugs Elmo to my Grandson for Christmas, but I can not afford to.

    I would take all of the other toys to the local Social Services office for them to distribute to local children in need.

  30. I think I would want prize pack 2 the most. I would be for my 3 year and 8 month old boys.

  31. I like either Prize Pack #1 or #5. There is a thing or two I might give to my own daughter, but by and large I’d give most of it to my sister to wrap up and put under the tree as gifts from Santa for her kids because her family is having a hard time financially right now. Thanks for the fun giveaway! :0)

  32. They all look great! Prize pack one would be my choice, to be split between my kids and the one not age appropriate donated

  33. Gift package number 2.. It has great gifts for my 18 month old grandson and my seven year old granddaughter.

    Thank you and Happy Holidays

  34. I think I like #5 best, but there are so many fun things in each one! 🙂 I would give some for my boys and save some for gifts for other kiddos birthdays! 🙂

  35. I like 1 and 4 and if I won either I would split the gifts between my grandson and grand daughter

  36. Prize pack #2 but I think my kids would be happy to win any of them! I would give it to my youngest 4 kids.

  37. I would love to win Prize Pack 2! My son would love the Big Hugs Elmo! I would give all of the toys to my kids 🙂

  38. They’re all great, but I would choose #1 – I’d keep the Build a Bear card for my son, and give the other toys to my nieces and nephews.

    acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com

  39. I most like to win prize pack #4. I plan on splitting the prize pack among my nieces. There is a toy in the pack that each of them would really like.

  40. I like set #5 and I would give this to my granddaughter. All the set are awesome anyone would be thrilled to receive one of them for a gift.

  41. I would love to win any but like #2 especially for the Princess Play doh set for my husband’s God daughter. I really think maybe we might gift one other and the 3 remaining would be gifted to our church for the choose a family tree. Thanks!

  42. I would like prize pack 1 and would share the gifts with our cousins for Christmas.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  43. I would love to win prize pack 2! I would love the big hugs elmo and follow me for my daughter!

  44. They are all fabulous, but if I had to choose I would pick package #4! It contains items that would be perfect Christmas gifts for my nieces and nephew!

  45. I like Prize Pack #1 best. I would give a couple things to my daughter and the rest to the Angel Tree child we sponsor, who is a local child in need. This would be so great to be able to share with them! Thanks for the awesome chance!

  46. #2 would be awesome….although they are all great! I would split them between my nieces….thanks for the chance!

  47. I would want to win prize pack 3 the most for the children in a family we have adopted for the holidays.

  48. oh my i would love prize pack 2 my son would so love elmo and the rest, that is the best package i think.

  49. #2 or #3 would be my first choices. But honestly, anything that I can give to the needy in my area would be extremely helpful. So I would take any prize package if I was a winner. I know a family (not personally, I know OF them) that truly has nothing and would love to help them out if I can. Thanks for the chance!

  50. Prize pack #3 is my first choice and prize pack #1 is my 2nd choice and one or two items would go to my youngest daughter and the rest would be donated

  51. Prize pack #4 would be perfect. My daughter loves doc and dolls so this would be the perfect one for her.

  52. I would love to win for the Angel tree in my county. I live in a poor community and so many children are unfortuanate. I would like to win this for the. !!!

  53. I would love prize package #1 for my two step sons, since we won’t be able to give them much of a Christmas (if at all) this year.

  54. I would choose prize pack 5! I would give the stuff to my kids for Christmas! Thanks for the blog and giveaway! Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!! Good luck to all! 🙂

  55. Any of them would be great! I’d give them to a family at our church that is struggling.

  56. I like to get build the bear gift card. My son and daughter is asking us to go to that shop for long time. It is in our city. That is prize pack 1

  57. Id love any pack but #1 is my favorite. It would be for my grandkids. They are great kids and are kids that would appreciate and get great use out of the toys. There is also a family I know who needs help and I would donate to them also.

  58. I would love to win #5! Has something for all the kids! I would love the baby mobile for Dylan! Carter would love the Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Kayla would love the Groovy Girls!

  59. I think that we would love Prize Pack #5 – for our home
    – we would keep the Hedbanz game from Spin Master at my house for the granddaughters to play when they visit
    – Groovy Girls doll would be for middle granddaughter who loves Ainsley the drummer in that group
    -Jake and the Neverland Pirates game from Wonder Forge would be fro the two youngest granddaughters to play
    -Tiny Love baby mobile – would donate to church pantry for mothers in need gift
    and the Orb Factory’s Twist and Loop jewelry set would be for all five granddaughters to share and use. Thanks for offering

  60. I’d love to win any but my first preference is prize pack #4 which I’d gift to my niece. Thanks.

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