How we empowered our son to overcome fear

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How we empowered our son to overcome fear- Mommy Snippets

Fear can build up in a child for a variety of reasons.

For my son, fear gripped his heart the first day of preschool. It took close to 2 very long weeks before he could walk into class with a big smile on his face.

Those 2 weeks were torture for us. I felt helpless and it took everything within me to not rush back into his classroom, gather him in my arms and take him back home. I listened to wise advice from the school’s administrator, empathetic teachers and even parents who had kids in other classes. I chose to leave him in there and wait, pray and wait for the day when he would stop the tears. The two weeks that he would cry were hard on him too. It took time but he eventually overcame that fear.

I now look back on that season as one of learning both for us as parents and for our son. Though we couldn’t see it, our faith was being built up as we relied on Him to do a work in our son’s heart. My son learnt to pray about his fears to his Heavenly Father and from thereon has begun a sweet trust in a prayer answering God,

Your child may be going through a similar season of uncertainty and fear. I pray he may overcome the same quickly and that you as his parent and biggest cheerleader may encourage him through that journey.

How we empowered our son to overcome fear

1. We prayed for our son and with our son, using verses from the Bible.

2 Timothy 17

2. We listened to music that would encourage. This Veggie Tale version continues to be a favorite that we listen to on our way to school.

3. We’d read stories from the Bible of brave young men who could have been scared in their situations but they trusted God. God helped them and was with them. (Daniel, David, Joseph)

We would also read faith building books.

I really wish Lysa TerKeurst’s book, It Will Be Okay , was in our library at the time. We were sent a preview copy of this sweet book that teaches little ones that they can trust God in uncertain times.(Lysa’s book hits the market on October 7, 2014)

In this book, Little Seed and Little Fox become the best of friends. The day comes when Little Seed has to face a whole new adventure. Little Fox stays by his side and together they both learn that even through uncertain times, they can trust the good and kind Farmer’s words. A beautiful story that parallels our relationship with our Heavenly Father.


What makes your child feel better when he’s afraid?


  1. My son is only 14 months old, but hugs and cuddling with me or my husband makes him feel better <3

  2. My heart just crumbled when I read the post…so pleased and relieved that all is well with sonny…sunshine and smiles .The whole worldcan be intimidating for a young lad just stepping out from his cocoon… xx

  3. Mommy and Daddy laying in there until they fall asleep, or being tucked in under the blanket, no spaces to move because “no one can get them.”

  4. My son has a lot of medical issues lately, which have included being admitted to the hospital, some pretty serious testing & lots of blood work. Pretty scary for a 9 year old. I try to sit down & explain to him what is going on, as best that I can & give him lots of hugs & kisses. He got through his 3 day hospital stay with a favorite stuffed animal & blanket.

  5. My lil’s feel better when I hold them and tell them what’s going on or just sing our special song together.

  6. Soothing words, reassurance, and cuddles help my kids feel better and help them overcome fear. Thanks.

  7. My daughter is 3 and when she is afraid, she wants one of two things: mommy or blankie. Normally both! jjoliet(at)hotmail(dot)com

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