Creative ways to keep siblings busy indoors

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Today electronic learning games are the rage in most homes.

The first thing most kids do when they’re bored, is pick up their little electronic thing-a-ma-jigs to play games. While these do sharpen learning skills, I still believe most kids are missing out on good, solid, childhood fun when they remain glued onto their little devices.


I encourage you to take up this challenge

Hide all the electronic games for a week and encourage the kids to play with each other instead.


And in case you run out of ideas, here are a few…

Creative ways to keep siblings busy indoors:



1. Invest in age-appropriate board games that the kids will enjoy playing. If the kids have friends they can swap games with, do a game swap to have variety.


2. Play active indoor games like Hide and Seek. You don’t need a huge home to play. Our home isn’t large but this is one game my soon to be 7 year old and 2 1/2 year have a blast playing.


3. Incorporate play based helping around the home, in the kitchen. We make cleaning up a race to see who can put things away the fastest. At times when I make dinner, I give the kids smaller chopping boards and butter knives and get them to help me cut the veggies. We pretend we’re gourmet chefs while doing it! (Yes, we’re huge Food Network fans!)



4. Jigsaw puzzles. My two can never tire of doing puzzles together. True, the easy puzzles aren’t a challenge for my daughter but being able to help her little brother find pieces makes her feel important.


5. Invest in craft supplies and with a little help from Pinterest, go to town with some fun art projects for the kids!


6. Sign up for a BabbaCo subscription to get a monthly box packed with fun activities, projects and a story, all tied around the theme for the month.



For those of you who are interested, February’s box looks a lot of fun with the theme- “My Amazing Adventures“.

Kids can make Adventure Puppets, create an Adventure Storybook, make a Photo Magnet, read the fun story-Henry’s Amazing Imagination – and connect to more adventures via the app. for the month.



A BabbaCo offer you do not want to pass up!!


Monthly subscriptions run at 29.99 US$ a month but BabbaCo is presently running a Cure for the Indoor Blues campaign where you can sign up for 33% off your first month, in your new monthly or annual subscription when you use the code FEB33 during checkout.


Plus if you sign up for an annual subscription and pay the year upfront, you just have to pay 19.99 US$ a month, 50% off the actual price!


And if you sign up for their resource-filled newsletter, you could win the grand prize of a 1 year annual BabbaBox  subscription and a 50$ Shutterfly gift card!


Contest ends 2/7/2013 and is open to US residents only. So hurry!


 Tell me your creative ways to keep the siblings busy indoors.


  1. Those are great tips! Keeping the kids busy with crafts is a great way to occupy them while indoors.

  2. Thanks for all the great inspiration! Yes, I am quite proud of our game closet. I will have to check out Babbaco. I have tried a few art or activity boxes in the past but haven’t been completely happy with them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. These are some great ideas. I’ve heard great things about BabbaBox so I’ll have to really check them out.

  4. what great ideas! We keep a treasure chest filled with board games, crafts, etc… to pull out to inspire creativity! My kids love video game and electronics, but we make a point to at least every sunday unplug! Thanks for the great new suggestions!

  5. These are great tried-and-true ideas. The one thing they do require is a parent’s energy, though, to shepherd the children through the activity without fighting. At least in my house! All of the above require naptime for mommy after we’re done!

  6. These are some awesome ideas! thanks for sharing. I’ve heard of BabbaBox, but haven’t really checked them out. With Spring and Summer approaching, I think I will give them a browse.

  7. My daughter would love the penquin craft. She loves to craft, looks like a great box of goodies.

  8. Such great ideas….we are big fans of board games around here. We also have lots of craft stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love Babba Box! The boxes come packed with so much stuff, it’s definitely worth the price of the subscription!

  10. Babba Co looks like a fantastic subscription service!! My kids and I love to paint unfinished wood objects we get from Hobby Lobby or even just blocks of wood from their daddy’s wood shop 🙂

  11. These are great ideas! My kids are really into reading and listening to music too so we do a lot of dancing and one reading to the others!

  12. We love turning on the music and dancing all crazy like fools! That usually leads to a marching band or rock band playtime…

  13. Wonderful ideas! I need these last week with the snow. I’ll be trying them out soon I’m sure.

  14. I love this idea, we have tried it ourselves and by kids enjoyed it! I always have to have inside ideas w/ my littler ones during homeschooling the older kids. We do sensory boxes, coloring, montessori activities like transfering pom poms and lots of crafts!

  15. I think my kids would die! Between the computer, iphone and ipad…they are glued. I would definitely give this a go though…must have been very liberating!

  16. I think it is important to keep activities within reach and labeled so kids can get what they want. It’s annoying to have to CONSTANTLY be getting up and getting them everything they need!
    Great list!!

  17. Babbaco looks good for summer craft ideas. I’ve started a special board of crafts and stuff to do with the kids around the summer. I limit the kids electronics during the week and they just play outside or with each other and their imaginations. Dress-up is a good idea too – have costumes on hand year round.

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