The Most Creative After-School Snack Idea for Kids (+ Printable Animal Activity Booklet for Kids)

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The new school year looks different to so many kids and for many, like my own, virtual learning still continues strong.

We’re on week 3 of school and still getting used to the long amounts of on-screen virtual instruction.

Irrespective of whether your kids are attending school virtually or in-person, one thing is for sure, their appetites need the same amount of loving once school breaks!

An after-school snack is always a must around here and most days I try to ensure it’s something to put a smile on my kids’ faces because the truth is, this school year is quite a bit to digest but they’re handling it like troopers.

Here’s a fun, creative way to engage with the kids over snack time.

Encourage them to explore their wild side!

creative after school snack idea

Get creative with a wild after-school snack!

My kids love animals and Lia has been passionate about wanting to pursue a career working with wild animals, ever since she was itty bitty.

I thought it would be fun to throw art into the mix, with a food crafting project as a prelude to their snack.

All that’s needed is an assortment of fruit, Ozery Family Bakery Snacking Rounds

(We love the Ozery Family Bakery Snacking Rounds Blueberry and the Ozery Family Bakery Snacking Rounds Apple Cinnamon)

and our homemade spread to make “Wild Mini Fruit Pizzas”!

creative after school snack idea

You could use plain cream cheese for your fruit pizza base “sauce” but I like making a simple flavored cheese spread using

3 tbsps cream cheese,

1 to 2 tsp brown sugar (dependent on how sweet you want to make this.

We like ours slightly sweetened and hence use only 1 tsp), 1/2 tsp vanilla extract. Blend this well and add to your mini Build-Your-Own-Wild-Mini-Fruit-Pizza table.

Don’t just set up the table and watch. Jump in and inspire the kids to get creative!

The Ozery Family Bakery Snacking Rounds work perfect for their mini fruit pizza bases. creative after school snack idea

The Ozery Family Bakery Snacking Rounds are made with the intent to keep us eating well and feeling good.

Made with real fruit, and with no artificial colors, preservatives or flavors, these non-GMO, vegan snack bites are a favorite in my home.

creative after school snack idea

My kids love to snack on these lightly toasted, as is, or with a simple cream cheese spread or chocolate hazelnut.

But after our fun “fruit pizza build” I’m sure I’ve possibly retired those choices in their minds.

creative after school snack idea

Take their after-school snack experience to another level!

If you like taking every opportunity as a learning moment for your kids, use this after school snack experience to:

  • watch a virtual safari
  • have the kids pick an endangered animal to research about
  • read a book on an animal of choice
  • learn with a wildlife documentary
  • unwind with my free, printable wild animal activities pack, complete with a Word Search, I Spy game, Memory Game, Maze, Coloring Page and Connect the Dots.

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These wild mini fruit pizzas will be an after-school snack the kids won’t forget. The squeals, oohs, aahs, and giggles will make the effort worth it, and yes, those memories are a big motivating factor!

The most creative after school snack idea for kids- MommySnippets.com

Feel free to explore these fun family crafting ideas.

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