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How to Conserve Fuel in Your Dodge

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I have put together a list of ways on how to conserve fuel in your Dodge. When it comes to fuel economy, it does show that the kind of car you drive makes a difference. There are so many different styles of Dodge cars and trucks to choose from to fit your family’s needs, that have outstanding MPG. Follow these tips below to save even more on your fuel.

How to Conserve Fuel in Your Dodge

Dodge car engines don’t use spark plugs like gas engines do, so depending on the make in model your tune-ups are different on a Dodge engine. Make sure to regularly get a maintenance checkup to ensure your Dodge is in tip-top shape, from fuel filters, oil, tire pressure, and so on. Below are others things to help conserve fuel in your Dodge.

Watch your Speed 

Driving too fast can really drop your MPG quickly. According to the DOE, every 5 mph you drive over 60 mph, will decrease your fuel percentage by 7%. 

Avoid Rough Roads 

Try to stay on smooth roads when possible. Loose dirt, bumpy roads and more can cost you up to 30% more in gas, as it makes your engine work that much harder.

Stock Wheels 

The tires and wheels that come on your Dodge are great. When you upgrade to beefier tires or wheels, it can add more resistance and reduce your fuel economy. I suggest sticking with the stock tire and wheels.

Snow and Ice 

If you’re in cold weather months, clean off any snow and ice that is on your vehicle. If it is really bad out, that ice can weight up to 100 pounds, making your vehicle work that much harder.

Proper Oil and Gas

Make sure to look through your Dodge manual to ensure you are using the right gas and strength of oil for your vehicle. This will make sure your vehicle is able to work the right way. 

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