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Cinderella Gift Ideas for Girls, from JC Penney

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With Disney’s latest princess film hitting theaters this past weekend, most girls (young and old) are all caught up in Cinderella excitement. I think it can be safe to say, Cinderella themed anything will be a winner for most girls, at least for a good number of weeks, if not months.

JC Penney has unraveled an incredibly affordable line of Cinderella themed gifts that are sold under their Disney shop in stores nationwide and online too.

Cinderella Gift Ideas for Girls from JC Penney- Mommy Snippets

 Cinderella Gift Ideas for Girls, from JC Penney

From clothing apparel to toys, nothing is priced over $55 and if you manage to get your hands on one of those 10 off 25 coupons, you can snag a great gift for a great price!

I have to say our favorite of all Cinderella themed gifts carried would have to be the adorable Cinderella Toddler Doll (She has the most angelic looking face.) and cute Jaq plush.

I’ve featured a few more favorites in the slides below.

There are 7 slides in all. Take your time looking through each one. I’m sure you will find more than just one favorite from the collection!


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Which is your favorite Cinderella gift from the gifts featured?



  1. My nieces are so into Cinderella right now, so this is perfect. Their birthdays are coming up this spring!

  2. I LOVE the Cinderella and Prince Charming set. It’s perfect! You’ve got a complete playtime in one box!

  3. JC Penney’s has some really great stuff. I love the Cinderella toddler doll. M nice would love it all.

  4. I love love love JCPenney. I shop their often and these are adorable Cinderella gift ideas. I love the Disney Jaq plush. It’s beyond cute.

  5. These are adorable! I’m a huge fan of JC Penny and I love that you can get Cinderalla there!

  6. My daughter would have loved that Cinderella toddler doll. She was obsessed with princesses.

  7. I have a thing for watches, so I think that one is my favorite. I like collecting Disney things like that anyhow. 🙂

  8. These are cute, and something tells me Cinderella is about to be the big toy again! It’ll be a good toy season for little girls, lol.

  9. I loved the raglan sleeved Cinderella tee – I can’t wait to head to JC Penney and grab this!

  10. They have some great Cinderella toys. I think my niece would love the dress and the accessories kit.

  11. Oh my niece loves Cinderella! I will have to check into this doll for her upcoming birthday! She would love her!

  12. The stuffed Jaq is my favorite! I wonder if the Disney store carries him since we don’t shop at JC Penney.

  13. My girls would love all of the awesome Cinderella merchandise available from JCPenney! I think my personal favorite would have to be “The Right Shoes Can Change Your Life” tshirt.

  14. We saw Cinderella last weekend, and we just loved it. I’m sure my children would love Cinderella-themed gifts in their Easter baskets.

  15. I’d love the Cinderella bed for sure 🙂 Kids today have the best gifts options today! Thanks for sharing.

  16. There are so many cute gift options there but my favorite is the Disney Jaq plush! He is SO cute!

      1. Gus Gus is my favorite, too! I raised a pig in high school and I called him Gus Gus, after the Cinderella mouse!

  17. Awe these are such great gift ideas. My favorite is the Disney Jaq plush, he was my favorite!

  18. this makes me wish my daughter was still a little girl. She is going off to college and all I can think of is the days she played with dolls

  19. They are all great gift ideas for my niece, but if I had to chose just one I would pick the dress-up set.

  20. My daughter would love Cinderella and the Prince dolls! She has a great imagination!

  21. She is super cute and I love that she doesn’t have a ton of make up on and she’s not like other dolls. Such a great idea!

  22. I am so happy Cinderella came back around for the new generation. I saw the new movie and I loved it!

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