How Will You Know It’s Time to Trade in Your Car?

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Do you drive by a car dealership or watch a commercial on television and find yourself daydreaming of trading in your car for a bright shiny new one? If so you might begin to wonder if it is time to trade in your car.

Buying a new car is a big financial step, and some might debate if doing some repairs on your old one is better than investing in a new. The car tips are many!

How Will You Know It’s Time to Trade in Your Car?

Run Numbers 

Make sure before you really go out and search for a new vehicle you run some numbers. See what your budget is, how much you can afford to spend each month on a car loan, insurance, etc. This will give you a good idea of if it is feasible to even buy a new car at this time.  Look at what your budget is, and then search around for vehicles to see if any would fit in that price range. One thing I always recommend is getting a quote on insurance on a new vehicle before you buy. Some vehicles are super expensive and although you could afford the car payment, you might not be able to include the insurance.

Look at The Season 

November through December is two months that offer great sales at most dealerships if u can afford it at that time. They are wanting to clean out old inventory for the newer models that will be rolling in at the first of the year.

Trade In

If you plan on trading in your vehicle, do it before you get way too many miles on your vehicle. The more miles equals wear and tear and that is less money you will get as a trade-in. If you can afford a newer car and your car is still running well it might be time. Once you reach the 100,000 miles and more the trade in value begins to drop dramatically.

Running Well

It is easier to sell a used car that runs well and nothing is broke. If your car is reaching up there in miles, sell or trade in before things begin to break. Your car might be giving you signs of impending doom, if so now is the time to trade it in.

Take A Hard Look

Go with your gut and take a hard look at your vehicle now, finances and see if it is the right step for you. Only you know your limits and what you can and can’t afford. If it feels right, take your time and start the new vehicle hunt!


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