Bring on the pup!

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Bunny girl loves dogs. She grew around our gorgeous black Labrador, Shadow,  back at home.

Shadow loved Bunny girl so much that she’d quietly pretend she was eating the stones Bunny girl would feed him as a toddler and when she wasn’t looking quickly spit them out to avoid a choking catastrophe!


When we moved here Hubby and I decided we’d avoid having a pet but Bunny girl has been badgering us for one…a puppy to be specific.

We’ve tried explaining to her that owning a pet is a huge responsibility but she’s willing to shoulder it all, including cleaning up the dog’s poop! (And I believe her on that because she has been so good with handling Bunny Boo’s poop filled diapers without a grimace or gag.)

We’ve even told her that she can’t take any family vacations with us because she’d need to stay with the pup. She has said she’s ok with that. She confidently declared that she’d be fine and that she’d take those trips with us after the dog died.


Hmmm…poor little pup would not stand a chance in our home if his little Mistress kept watching to see when he’d breathe his last just so that she could take a fun trip with her family!!


How have you convinced your child that keeping a pet may not be such a good idea…atleast for the time being?



  1. Aww that is so cute! I wouldn’t be any help because I love animals and I am always trying to convince my husband to get another (we already have a dog, cat, and bird.) My kids love them too.

    1. I’m the “No Ma’am” person at home, so Hubby and Dottie are the ones trying to convince me and I’m sure once my 15 month old crosses babble stage he’ll gang up against me too!!

  2. I feel for you… we’re a no pets household too… because I would shoulder the responsibility and we live 1000 miles from family so when we visit it is already tough to fit in our fam of 5… luckily at this point I have them convinced that I’m right – for now…

  3. Well I have not convinced anyone of anything – we have a Choc. Lab, a Mini Dachshund, 2 hamsters, 2 cats and 2 fish…….oh and 2 kids:) I am a big animal lover…..hubby would be happy with one dog. LOL

    1. Do you have space for one more kid? She promises to help look after the Choc Lab and mini Dachshund! Oh make that 2 kids…my 15 month old will do the hamsters and fish! 😉

  4. I love this post….the picture of Bunny Girl and Shadow is gorgeous….says it all…relaxed and loving companions….hope soon ..very soon…you will cave in to her pressure …but can understand the practicalities 🙂

  5. LOL. We have 5 dogs (our Great Dane was 6 but she passed away) a cat, a hedgehog, a bird, a fish and chickens. I couldn’t handle the rat though so he got a new home! Love the pic!

    1. Oh wow! 5 dogs!!…and a hedgehog?!! Your kids must love having all the pets at home! However do you stay sane Marie? 🙂

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