STRAITS Restaurant…Mouth-watering, Authentic Singapore Cuisine.

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Having gone to college in a University town back home, my taste buds have been exposed to cuisine from different corners of the world. As a collegiate, frequent dining stops were made at Malaysian restaurants and Chinese pit stops. So when we stepped into Houston’s STRAITS Restaurant , my heart skipped a beat.

STRAITS Restaurant...Mouth-watering, Authentic Singapore Cuisine in Houston-Mommy Snippets

But would the menu’s offerings meet my palette’s expectations?

Sampling the fare held the answer to that!

The STRAITS experience is three-fold. One you need to experience in person but a peek into the same, may just convince you to hunt down your closest restaurant and walk in!

STRAITS Ambiance 

As soon as you step in you know you’re walking into a classy restaurant . But not one that’s overwhelmingly stuffy where you would think twice about taking your kids to.

STRAITS Restaurant

Guests can choose to dine indoors or outside.

We began dinner indoors but quickly moved outside once we heard the live music perk up from the Sorella grounds.

STRAITS Restaurant...Mouth-watering, Authentic Singapore Cuisine (10)

(A great way to keep the kids entertained especially if Mom and Dad want to savor every morsel being eaten…slowly!)


To put it simply, the service was impeccable. The servers were warm, accommodating and  friendly. Their menu recommendations were spot on and their rapport with the kids was great.


Yes, I left the best for last only because the food is definitely worth every dollar spent!

STRAITS Restaurant...Mouth-watering, Authentic Singapore Cuisine (12)

The menu carries authentic Singaporean dishes…a fusion of 4 culinary influences- Malaysia/Indonesia, Chinese, Indian and Nonya (a result of the marriages between Chinese men and Malay women generations ago, and is considered the true native style of cooking) 

We began our meal with delicious, crispy Chicken Lollipops (Kung Pao Sweet Chilli Glaze) that the kids loved

STRAITS Restaurant...Mouth-watering, Authentic Singapore Cuisine (5)

and Singapore Chicken Satay Sticks that came accompanied by a spicy peanut sauce that was served separately in case the kids thought the sauce was too spicy.

STRAITS Restaurant...Mouth-watering, Authentic Singapore Cuisine (19)

Our main course kicked off with a yummy coconut spiced rice- Nasi Goreng. The rice came mixed with diced veggies and juicy, seasoned prawns…

STRAITS Restaurant...Mouth-watering, Authentic Singapore Cuisine (20)

a dish I last tried when I was in college. So it was one walk down memory lane I truly enjoyed and yes, it tasted just as good as I remembered it to be!

We also ordered the Wok Fried Noodles (Chow Kway Teo)- a rice based noodles with bean sprouts, prawns and tofu. (We swapped out the Chinese sausage with tofu)

STRAITS Restaurant...Mouth-watering, Authentic Singapore Cuisine (22)

And the Spicy Basil Chicken which came served with bamboo shoots and shitake mushrooms.

STRAITS Restaurant...Mouth-watering, Authentic Singapore Cuisine (21)To finish off our meal, we ordered a Chocolate Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice-Cream and Thai Tea Caramel.

STRAITS Restaurant...Mouth-watering, Authentic Singapore Cuisine (23)

but the pièce de résistance was the Double Crumb Almond Crumb Apple Pie with Cinnamon Ice-cream.

STRAITS Restaurant...Mouth-watering, Authentic Singapore Cuisine (1)

This was oh-my-goodness-fresh-out-of-the-oven-delicious!! I’ve never tried an apple pie so good. Full props to the person who thought up this recipe. Definitely a winner!

Overall, you can see we had a culinary feast that did more than just satisfy our hungry bellies.
This is one restaurant book-marked to visit (again!)the next time we’re in Houston.

The STRAITS experience is one that isn’t worth missing!


  1. Your pictures are amazing. Wish I would have tried the chicken satay skewers. They look yummy.

  2. Everyone seems to be sharing plates of food today, this looks divine. I wish Straits was in my city! YUMMY!

  3. That looks like my kind of restaurant! I think I would have enjoyed everything you tried myself. If I’m ever close to a STRAITS, I’ll definitely stop in. Thanks for sharing!

  4. WOW, I wish I lived near Houston. That looks SOOOO good and definitely mouth watering! And I just started my diet today but now I am craving some Spicy Basil Chicken. lol

  5. YUM.. this looks amazing…. Wished I lived near Houston, too. This looks like a great place for date night with hubby; need to add it to my LIST of things to visit… thanks for sharing…. bet you guys had a great time

  6. Wow–wish I lived in Houston–but may have an occasion to visit on business-so I will have to keep this place in mind –thanks so much for sharing–it looks mouth watering!!

  7. The ability to dine outdoors looks fantastic! I have never tried any type of cuisine like that but I will say it looks delish, makes me want to take a trip now.

  8. There’s just nothing that didn’t look absolutely fantastic on your table. I’m taking notes!

  9. Oh the desserts look delicious! The dinner menu looks great, too! We went for brunch, and it was wonderful!

  10. The dinner menu is very delicious including desserts. I am feeling so hungry. All dishes are really mouth-watery. I missed this restaurant last time, but, I would definitely go there next time. Thanks for sharing the information.

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