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SeaWorld San Antonio Steps It Up With Sesame Street and the BAY OF PLAY

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Bunny girl wants us to move to San Antonio since forever.
Last December, a certain priceless encounter kicked that desire up by a notch….

and now after our recent Spring Break visit, she’s 100% sure….we have to move closer to Sea World, San Antonio!

Because there’s nothing more fun than having Shamu and Elmo at the SAME PLACE….

and oh yes, how can I forget lots of WATER PLAY?!!!

That’s Right!
SeaWorld San Antonio
‘s latest 3 acre attraction- Sesame Street “BAY OF PLAY”– is now OPEN!!

The Buzz:

The Bay Of Play has so much happening. Your “one day” trips to Sea World are now history. Once your kids get to the park, they’ll want to spend an entire day enjoying the fun at the Bay, so make sure you add an extra day to your trip to do the other shows and rides.

Finding the Bay Of Play is easy. As soon as you see Big Bird’s footprints, you know you’re at the right place!

Lets Play!

The attraction has a massive family playground for both young and old to enjoy.

The winding tunnels proved to be a big hit with the older kids

while the younger tots had a good time in the mini playground area designated for children under the age of 3.
(Just incase you find the older ones clambering around a little intimidating for your little ones)

The Bay Of Playalso houses 4 fun rides:

  • Abby Cadabby’s Rocking Wave
  • Elmo’s Dolphin Dive
  • Big Bird’s Spinning Reef and
  • Grover’s Round Up (Our Family Favorite)

It was great to finally get on a carousel that our family could enjoy together! Hubby and Bunny girl saddled up on the horses while Bunny Boo and I sat in a carriage along with a Granny and her little grandbaby.

Splish Splash!

With Summer setting in, I foresee visitors of all ages hitting the “Water Play” areas in the Bay.

Even though the weather was pleasantly cool, that didn’t stop kids from jumping to and from the 22 different water elements.

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Don’t worry about the kids getting drenched.
Just carry an extra set of clothes to change them into once they’ve had their fill of “water fun”.

SeaWorld has set up changing rooms right behind the “Splish Splash” zone

and if you’re a nursing Mommy, just look out for the Nursing Stations located in the Diaper Changing Rooms between most restrooms.

I love that SeaWorld took the time to really address the needs of every visitor. As a Nursing Mommy this ranks highly on my list!

Lets Meet Elmo and the Gang.

If your child is a big Sesame Street fan, then the Bay Of Play experience will be absolute bliss for him/her.

Your child will get to watch an amazing 4D sesame Street Movie- Lights, Camera, Imagination featuring the entire Sesame Street cast.

This fun SeaWorld exclusive is an explosion of surprises. I won’t say more as I’ll spoil the surprises for you but let me just whisper out a teensy, weensy warning….”Watch out for those varmint!”
((Chuckle!)) ((Chuckle!!))

You can also watch the furry monsters live as they get ready to hit “Sesame Beach”

and no they aren’t on a stage far, far away….

they’re literally a handshake away. (The kids were beyond thrilled!)

After the show, your child will be able to hug their favorite Sesame Street characters and take photographs with them.

What’s great is the characters stand spaced apart from each other so the lines aren’t that long. Bunny girl and Bunny Boo got to hug, high five, laugh and pose with Elmo, Big Bird, Count, Zoe, Abby Cadabby, Rosita, Grover, Telly, Ernie, Bert and Cookie Monster. Now tell me where else can they have that experience without shelling out a pretty pile of buckaroos?

Oh and before you leave the Bay Of Play, make sure you stop to pick up a “Photo Souvenir” at 1-2-3 Smile.

Our family got to spend some one on one time with Elmo and Big Bird in the enclosed mini studio. Big Bird ribbed on Bunny girl while Elmo stood around trying make Bunny Boo smile while we took our pictures with Big Bird.

We ordered two 6×8 photographs (1 of our family with Elmo and the other with Big Bird) with the Sesame Street background for 19.99 US$. I thought this was a great way to remember the day by and price-wise it beat picking up a few plush toys that would be forgotten a few weeks down the line.

My family had a blast and I know yours will too. This is a great way to cool down this summer and have some great family “outdoorsy” fun and entertainment.
Thank You SeaWorld, San Antonio!

I’ve already labeled this as 2011’s Hot Spot for families!

* Stay tuned to read Saturday’s feature on how you can get the most out of your buck at SeaWorld, when it comes to dining in the Park.*

** EBMR Disclaimer: I had the opportunity to travel down to Sea World to check out the latest “Bay Of Play” attraction, with my family. This post has not been monetarily compensated and is based on the views and opinions of my family and/or self. Please note that the opinions reflected in this post have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way.**

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  1. Thanks for this thorough review! We are set to visit Sea World this weekend (Mother’s Day!) and I wondered if I’d made a mistake booking two days at the park. I’d planned to spend a day at Bay of Play (I splurged on Breakfast with Elmo and a cabana – with three wee ones, I figured it’d be worth the price) and the next day exploring Sea World; however, after I did this, I wondered if we’d have enough to do. Based on your review, I’d say we made a wise decision. Your pictures and descriptions are great!

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