Schlitterbahn South Padre with Young Kids {+ 5 Tips} #BahnLove

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Early on this week, our family took our first trip to the Schlitterbahn Water Park in South Padre Island.

To be honest, I really wasn’t sure if Baby Girl and Little Man would have much to do as I’ve always been under the impression that the park is better suited for older kids, teens and adults.

I was wrong.


Schlitterbahn South Padre with Young Kids {+ 5 Tips}

My 16 month old and 5 year old had a blast!

While they were too young to enjoy any of the larger water thrill rides, there was enough for both to enjoy while Dad and big sis hit the same.

Schlitterbahn-South-Padre-With-Young-Kids (45)

Keep these 5 tips in mind for your visit to a Schlitterbahn water park with young kids:

1. Know before you go

Check out the attractions/rides your little one can enjoy, before you go. The Schlitterbahn site allows you to narrow down your options based on age interest and height requirement.

Schlitterbahn-South-Padre-With-Young-Kids (63)
Sand Castle Cove is another fun play area, for all ages.

Baby Girl loved the Lily Pad the most, as the water was shallow enough for her to wade through. Plus the Frog and Whale slides and large Frog floats were fun additions for play.

2. Swim floats for kids

You don’t have to carry floats for your child. Schlitterbahn offers the same for kids of all ages, free of charge.

Schlitterbahn-South-Padre-With-Young-Kids (55)

I would recommend bringing your own if you are particular about sharing a vest another child has worn or if your child is younger than one as the smallest sized vests may be too big for him/her. The Stearns Kid Puddle Jumper Life Jackets come highly recommended and don’t cost a lot.

3. Best times to hit the water park during the summer.

The weekends are definitely the busiest. If you can manage to make it out on a weekday and go as soon as the park opens at 10 or later in the evening after 4/4.30 pm, you will find the park won’t be as crowded.

We visited on a Monday, spent over 4 hours at the park and walked out satisfied that we were able to enjoy the same minus the crowds.

For a time, while Dottie and Hubs hit the Los Rios Azul-Torrent, Baby Girl and Little Man had the Lily Pad to themselves.

Schlitterbahn-South-Padre-With-Young-Kids (72)

4. Save by bringing your own lunch, snacks and beverages.

I love that Schlitterbahn actually encourages guests to bring their own picnic lunches in a mini cooler. (You can invest in a season pass if you save the money you would have otherwise spent on food and beverages in the park!)

Schlitterbahn-South-Padre-With-Young-Kids (52)

5. Too hot to play outdoors? Stay indoors!

I agree, Texas summers can be real scorchers. If you plan to spend the whole day at the park with young kids, you can always spend a good portion of the sunniest parts of the day indoors at the Mega Blast soft foam ball play area, the 1950’s styled Grand Carousel, Pirates Cove or firing water missiles on unsuspecting victims floating by.


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  22. It is pretty cool that they help you find age appropriate attractions ahead of time. Hate going places with kids just to find out they are too young to do it

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