Top Things To Do In Georgetown TX – A Photo Journal

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In and around Austin and looking for the top things to do in Georgetown, TX? Read on. My mini guide will help you to hit the must-visit places in just a few days!

My daughter and I have taken all the photographs in this photo journal. No photograph may be reproduced without permission.

If you’ve never visited Georgetown, Texas, aka The Poppy Capital of Texas, and you’re driving distance away, you’re missing out on something special. 

The place is like something straight out of a Hallmark movie, with gorgeous Victorian architecture, historic heritage, and natural beauty to behold.

San Gabriel Trail

The 4 hours, 30 minutes plus drive up to this charming city over our Thanksgiving break was so worth it. I honestly wish I had known 3 days was not enough to immerse ourselves into everything the city offers. 

My family was invited to Georgetown, TX to experience the beauty of this unique city. Our stay was kindly hosted with lodging, dining and entertainment services covered. This goes without saying that the opinions reflected in this feature are solely based upon my own (and my family’s) experience.

This feature shares things your family will enjoy doing throughout the year. A few activities are holiday-specific but most are year-round.

How do I get there? (Directions to Georgetown, Texas)

Georgetown is a city located in the Williamson County of the state of Texas. It’s approximately 30 miles from downtown Austin and about 10 minutes from Round Rock, Texas. 

Mural, Georgetown, TX

The city is considered a part of the Greater Austin metropolitan area.

If you’re trying to use the Amtrak or fly into the nearest airport, you will make arrangements to reach Austin and, from there, drive to Georgetown, renting a vehicle or using a rideshare service.

Top Things To Do In Georgetown, TX (Over The Holidays)

1. Explore the Most Beautiful Square in Texas

Georgetown can rightfully boast of the honor of having the most beautiful square in Texas thanks to the beautifully preserved, historic Victorian architecture that sets the tone for the charming ambiance that contributes to the beauty of the place.

Grace Heritage Center,Georgetown, TX

I could make this entire feature a photo journal of the intricate architecture and stunning work on the buildings, but it still won’t do justice to walk through the Square in person.

* Don’t miss visiting Georgetown’s Square over the holidays *

It has been a while since our family witnessed a city’s tree lighting and this one featured the Uptown Carolers.

Uptown Carolers-Georgetown TX- E.John

Attending Georgetown’s lighting of the tree and the Most Beautiful Square was special in every way.

Just being a part of the community and getting together in one place with joy and warmth allowed us to experience the Georgetown spirit in a sweet way.

Georgetown TX- E.John

Georgetown TX Square

Georgetown TX- E.John

Georgetown TX- E.John

A visit to Georgetown is incomplete without visiting the Square all lit up.

2. Explore the San Gabriel Trail

Now this wasn’t on our list of things to do while in Georgetown, TX, but thank God for everything being closed on Thanksgiving Day. This was the one thing we could do that was open.

Thanks to it being Thanksgiving morning, most families were home, and we enjoyed gorgeous spaces to ourselves.

Georgetown TX

You can’t miss exploring the trails, the San Gabriel Park, and the Blue Hole Park.

(We couldn’t squeeze the Blue Hole in on this trip, but we will next time!)

The peaceful trails, beautiful trees changing color, and the crispness in the air were just what my family needed.

San Gabriel Trail. Georgetown, TX

San Gabriel Trail. Georgetown, TX
Check out the ducks asleep on the bank.

Georgetown TX- E.John
San Gabriel Trail. Georgetown, TX

San Gabriel Park Georgetown TX

Georgetown TX- E.John

3. Inner Space Cavern

Inner Space Cavern was discovered by a team of Texas Highway Department core drillers in 1963. While drilling for a potential overpass on Interstate 35, the drillers accidentally broke through the cavern’s ceiling.

The cavern’s natural geological formations are stunning.

Inner Space Cavern, Georgetown TX

Travel tip: Get there first thing when the Cavern opens to enjoy a smaller tour group.

And if you can get into a tour group with Glen, pick that one. He entertained our group with historical facts, humor, and light conversational dialogue that helped, mainly as our small group comprised more young kids than adults.

Be prepared to walk steep inclines.

Inner Space Cavern, Georgetown TXInner Space Cavern, Georgetown TX
Inner Space Cavern, Georgetown TX

And if you love thrill rides, don’t miss the Saber Tooth zip line ride after.

My husband and 13-year-old were the only brave souls in our family to get strapped in and fly 130 feet up in the air!

Inner Space Cavern, Georgetown TX

4. Sweet Eats Fruit Farm

Opened all year through, Sweet Eats Fruit Farm has family at the heart of its mission. A visit to this farm is a fun, wholesome family experience for both young and old.

It’s the perfect way to unplug and enjoy time with loved ones.

* Don’t miss visiting Sweet Eats Fruit Farm over the holidays *

When we first walked through the entrance, I wrongly assumed festive photo opportunities and a visit with Santa was all the farm offered, but how wrong I was!Sweet Eats Fruit Farm, Georgetown TX

Sweet Eats Fruit Farm, Georgetown TX

A tractor ride to the other end of the farm was like opening Pandora’s box of fun (lots of fun!).

Sweet Eats Fruit Farm, Georgetown TX

There were so many family favorites

the petting zoo, the pig races, blasting overripe apples through canons,

Sweet Eats Fruit Farm, Georgetown TX

Sweet Eats Fruit Farm, Georgetown TX

pony rides, good ol’ fashioned games,Sweet Eats Fruit Farm, Georgetown TX
Sweet Eats Fruit Farm, Georgetown TX

clambering over hay stacks, the tire playground,

Sweet Eats Fruit Farm, Georgetown TX

the mini zip line, and surprisingly not over-priced yum concessions.

(My big kids recommend the apple cider milkshakes!)

5. The Georgetown Palace Theater

The Georgetown Palace Theater opened its doors in 1925 as a “moving picture” theater but currently operates as a live community theater hub for some wonderful plays. 

Palace Theater, Georgetown

* Don’t miss visiting Georgetown Palace Theater over the holidays *

We were invited to watch the Christmas Carol musical performed by a fantastic cast.

Sitting in a theater steeped with history, watching a Christmas classic come alive on stage, was a treat!

6. Local culinary must-trys!

Georgetown, TX has a diverse culinary scene with a variety of dining options.

My one regret was not being able to check out many of the popular must-try dining recommendations we received. 

We did try (and think it’s absolutely delicious!) 600 Degrees Marketplace

Georgetown TX Dining

Just look at how huge that slice is! And so good! 

Another restaurant we enjoyed was the 2020 Market Scratch Kitchen, that prides itself in a flavorful, locally sourced, farm-to-table, food experience. 

Recommendation: Try the Hatch Chile Mac and Cheese. Mmmmm!

Hatch Chile Mac and Cheese

Stay tuned for our experience staying at the local Sheraton.

Yes, our family’s recommendation for a place to stay when in Georgetown, TX.

Top Things To Do In Georgetown TX - A Photo Journal