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What to do when your baby has colic

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It was a week or so after Dottie was born and I had just finished nursing her. As per routine, getting her to burp followed next but this evening instead of burping and falling asleep she just kept crying shrieking as if something was hurting her somewhere.

Naturally, as first-time parents, we were scared. The only thing that would calm her down was holding her upright and walking around.

A visit to her pediatrician the next morning confirmed that our sweet baby had colic.

BabyColic is a mystery in the sense that it’s yet to be determined what its actual cause is.

A majority of medical practitioners agree that severe, often fluctuating pain in the abdomen caused by intestinal gas or obstruction in the intestines and suffered especially by babies can be termed as colic.

I just know as a helpless parent being unable to rid your child’s discomfort instantly is a horrible thing. There were several things we did, though, that helped bring about relief and over time, the minimization of colic symptoms altogether.

What to do when your baby has Colic

1. Don’t panic! Stay calm!! Babies sense concern and fear. Your “in-control”, peaceful stance will help ensure an easier atmosphere to work in.

2. Keep baby upright and stroke her back to help relieve any possible gas build up

3. Singing helped calm Dottie. If singing is not your thing, play quiet, calming music for her.

4. A warm oil massage followed by a warm water bath helps calm a baby.

5. Give her gripe water. (This helped Dottie immensely and by day 3 we had nipped colic in the bud considerably!)

Nationally reknown pediatrician, Dr. Tanya Altman (M.D, FAAP) also recommends “gas exercises” to help baby find relief in those uncomfortable gassy situations.

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As a new mom or dad it’s pure torture not knowing what to do when your child has colic, doesn’t poop for 3 days or wakes up with red eyes and a green eye discharge. Finding an assuring solution within the pages of a book is a big help!

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