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And now we are 4 !

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Bunny Boo arrived into our lives this past Monday a little past 12.20 pm, weighing a good 8 lbs. By God’s Grace I had a beautiful delivery, an awesome OBG, a great nurse and the best epidural ever!! (My first and boy, do I wish I got one when I had Bunny girl. It made the entire delivery experience such a beauty!)

Our little Prince has made our family complete and has filled his big sister’s heart with so much joy. (You should see the way he stops crying to listen to her voice in the next room or even searches with his eyes when she hops into the room calling his name. Precious!)

I did mean to post pictures and the BIG NEWS the very next day when I got discharged but have been resting a bit this whole week and feel fresh and re-energized!

Thank you for all your prayers, support and love. God was in control from the beginning of Bunny Boo’s conception till the moment he made his way out of my womb and into our arms. I have so much to testify but will leave that for a few future posts….God has been so good!

“Everyone shall stand in awe and confess the greatness of the miracles of God…they will realize what amazing things He does.” – Psalm 64:9, TLB

P.S. The winners of the giveaways that ended last week will be announced along with this week’s winners on Sunday. I have a ton of great stuff ahead so do keep reading!

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