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Watch that tongue! (God Whispers-14)

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At times when God speaks, it’s a still small voice…sometimes even a whisper. And it’s at times like these that He invites us to be still and know that He is God (Psalms 46:10).
Join me as I share with you 31 God Whispers…i.e. 31 Promises from the Word of God that sustain, strengthen and encourage me on my journey to be the Mommy and Wife God wants me to be.


Watch that tongue! ( Day 14)


Set a guard, O LORD, over my mouth; Keep watch over the door of my lips.

(Psalm 141:3)


I love to talk. Silence is my “not so comfortable” zone and I feel it needs to be broken with chatter.

There are two ways you can look at this. On the plus side, a chatterbox helps put others at ease and brings life into a room filled with quiet people but on the flip side, it can be a stumbling block as at times words flow out faster than you’d like them too and on retrospect you wish you’d never said what you did.

It is isn’t easy but God is slowly teaching me to be more careful with the words I speak. I’m learning that I don’t have to fill the atmosphere with chatter and that, most often, a few words spoken have more value to the listener than a whole volley of words.


I’m learning that as a Mommy, I’m the living example my children follow.

Bunny girl is so much like me. She’s a little chatter box too and I find there are many instances where I need to stop her from divulging too much information to a casual visitor to our home or saying something “not so nice” when she’s been hurt.

As  I do this I’m always reminded of myself and how my Heavenly Father gives me that gentle nudge when my tongue is zipping at break neck speed.


Days when I’ve rushed through my quiet time I find that my tongue tends to rally on with little control but when I’ve taken the time to sit down, read the Word and pray I find that I think twice before saying something.


If your tongue likes that consistent, vigorous activity in speech it’s a good idea to make sure you start off your day by spending some quiet time with your Heavenly Father.

He will help you guard your tongue and watch over your speech to ensure you get through the day without regretting anything you say.



I pray that you will find comfort, encouragement and hope as you lean close to listen to God’s Whisper for your situation today.

Be blessed!



A big thank you to The Nester for triggering off a desire within me to do this…
I’m excited to see what God will do through this!
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