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The Food….The Service….OH MY!….J.W. Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa

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If you want to experience Texan Hill Country Dining at its finest, then the J.W. Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa is THE place!

Guests (and visitors) can choose to dine at their choice of restaurants based on their taste palettes, cravings and cuisine preferences.

The Cibolo Moon offers a casual Texan cuisine experience while 18 Oaks provides a more “fine dining” experience with its traditional steakhouse fare and the Rivertop Grill, a more regional cuisine option. If you like the sports buzz and live games being telecast, then High Velocity will be more your style.

If you have a big appetite and plan to watch a Live Game at the High Velocity with friends,I would definitely suggest ordering the Sampler Tower.
The night we dined at the High Velocity I ordered a Chicken BLT Sandwich minus the bacon and it was wholesome, crispy and “del-umptious”, if there ever were such a word!

I have to admit that we didn’t have the opportunity to dine in at the 18 Oaks. I was told that their brunch is highly talked about and that maybe so but I have to rave about the yummiest breakfast buffet I have ever eaten so far….Cibolo Moon‘s Breakfast Buffet.

I have one word of advice-“starve yourself and then go attack the buffet!”
For 20 US$ that spread can sustain you till early evening or even till your dinner time.

I absolutely LOVED the breads (especially the sweet rolls. All the breads are baked inhouse), the freshly made waffles (made to order), the fresh squeezed orange juice (this was so good that I actually downed three large glassfuls through the course of my meal! Think I pretty much shocked my server!!) and the delicious signature Cibolo Moon Griddle Omelette (I know this is spelt ‘Omelet’ but I personally prefer the British English spelling for the same) paired with the spicy “sets your tongue on fire” but yummy salsa (a recipe handed down from one of the Chef’s grandmothers).

We also did have dinner at Cibolo Moon on one of the nights we were there and though the main entree was more than just substantial, what hit the mark were the tasty, inhouse smoked Chicken Quesadillas.

Now I could dedicate this entire post to the succulent food the J.W. Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa whips up for their guests but I’m reminded that it’s not just the food (or the facilities or the location) that make a Resort stand out but also the quality of service provided.

We had our own “customer delight” moment the first night that we were there. Hubby realized that the Starbucks on Property had closed for the evening and stood in the Lobby, way past 9.30pm, looking perhaps a little contemplative as to where he could get our precious Bunny girl her ritual mug of hot chocolate before she went to bed. One of the employees walked up to him and asked if he could assist him with something and Hubby explained to him what was required. The employee assured Hubby that we would get him a mug even though the kitchens were closed and a few minutes later returned with a steaming mug of Hot Chocolate from the Cibolo kitchen. Oh and that’s not all it was not just a mug of regular Hot Chocolate but a super special mug with swirling marshmallows in it!

We weren’t given any preferential treatment.
All the J.W. Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa guests ARE treated liked they’re the only guests on the Property.
Just hop over to the Resort’s Facebook Page and read the numerous posts that testify of the warm, impeccable service enjoyed by guests to the Resort.
While we were there, we heard of a family that actually spent their Spring Break as guests on the Property even though they only lived 3 miles away from the Resort!! (That just tells you how awesome a place it is!)

If you’re concerned about whether or not this would be a good deal to jump onto, I would recommend choosing one of the Resort’s Special Packages.
Your family will have a thoroughly enjoyable, relaxed, memorable and wonderful time at the Resort….
Mine did and we can’t wait to go back!

Hop over and take a360 Tour of the Dining Facilities
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