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Mommy Tip # 5 – Making Disney extra special for your little one

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Mommy Tip # 5 goes out to all parents trying to make the most of Disney’s ‘What will you celebrate’ theme this year.


We had one ultimate goal on our trip- to make Bunny girl’s first trip to Disney a truly memorable one. I ofcourse had a sub goal….to make sure we did it on a budget! Here are my 5 favorite little things I did to make it extra special!

1. We were at Disney for 5 days (counting the day we arrived and the day we flew out), so I made sure I packed a little surprise for each day. Each day the present was hidden in a different place and Bunny girl was always so excited knowing that ‘Mickey had crept into the room while she was asleep and had left her a special something’ The presents were little things we picked up- a Mickey rotate glow chain, a Handy Manny book, a Little Einstein book, a Winnie the Pooh plush she’d been eyeing for over 2 months(got it for a steal during Target’s toy clearance sale). The only book we actually got her from Disney was ‘A Day in the Magic Kingdom’ as her goodbye gift the day we left.

2. We bought a regular pretty pink notebook from Hobby Lobby(using their % off coupon) and decorated the cover with a large Disney sticker and had her use that as her own little autograph book

3. Created custom made Disney Tshirts with fabric paint. Took designs off the web and fabric painted them onto plain Tshirts. On 2 particular T shirts we had Disney guests point out and compliment them (The June, Little Einstein Tshirt and a Minnie Mouse with balloons)- Not only is this more economical but its also unique and totally personalized!

4. 3 year olds don’t understand the concept of wake up calls at hotels and Disney has a lovely automated one with Mickey calling. Every morning we’d get Bunny girl to pick up our wake up calls and it was always fun to see our little groggy bundle bouncing up to answer the call as it was so special for her to hear Mickey tell her to get out of bed to meet him later.

5. If you have a child celebrating a birthday around the time of your trip, here’s a tip for you- We bought Bunny girl 3 Disney birthday cards prior to the trip and got the characters to sign in their respective cards (Mickey and Minnie, Pooh and Piglet, The Disney Princesses.). Put these in an envelope and brought the cards in when the Postman delivered the other mail on her birthday. We had one little happy camper that day!

You really can do so much on a budget. There are lots of Disney travel tips and more on this great site. This is the link. Visit the forums, all the members are very helpful and you can get some great ideas from the posts.

Oh and if your child has his/her birthday party a few weeks after your big trip, why don’t you think of putting together a fun Disney themed bash. Stuck for ideas? Check out what we did for Bunny girl’s Disney party.