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4 ways to beat the heat at #SeaWorld #SanAntonio

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Early last month our family traveled down to meet with the other Wildside Bloggers and their families at our favorite San Antonio haunt….Sea World, San Antonio.


Photo Credit: SeaWorld San Antonio


Even though we’ve visited SeaWorld, San Antonio several times over the past three years we’ve never ever done what we did this time….
we actually got into the Park when it just opened up at 9 am and only left at 9.45 pm!!
With 2 little ones (a 5 year old and a 1 year old mind you) that is some accomplishment especially if there were no meltdowns from start to finish!
How did we do it especially with the Texas summer heat blazing down on us?
We remembered to follow the 4 Rs….


1. Re-fuel and Re-hydrate 


If your little ones are like mine, they don’t realize thirst and hunger hitting them bad till it triggers off a whining spree or a wailing scene. Considering this we generally carry into the Park a little bag filled with snacks, juice in flasks (juice boxes are allowed into the Park but straws are not as a safety precaution for the animals) and bottles of water.
This time round as a ‘Wildside family’ we were introduced to the All Day Dining Plan.

At first glance spending 29.95 US$ per adult and 15.95 US$ per child (aged 3-9)may seem a little pricey for one’s likes but when you think of the privileges you enjoy you will think again.


With our All Day Dining bracelets we re-fueled the kids with fresh fruit (juicy strawberries and sweet watermelon slices-yum!), sugar boosts with chocolate pudding (not very healthy I admit but at home our food regiment is healthy all the way so a holiday allows for a little cheating!).




and re-hydrated ourselves with lots of cold water and chilled lemonade.


I’m also excited to let you in on some “smoking” news!
You don’t have to grin and bear burgers and hotdogs for lunch if you aren’t a junk food kind of person, you just have to take your feet over to Shamu’s Smokehouse.



Why is this different from the other dining spots in the Park?
Lets just say this….



I definitely recommend the BBQ chicken platter while Hubby says the BBQ Brisket hit the spot and for the kiddos, Bunny girl thought the mini corn dogs were yummy.
(Oh and don’t forget to save those souvenir plates and re-live the SeaWorld fun back at home!)

But if the kids suddenly go on an “I want pizza and only pizza!” trip, you don’t have to leave the Park and hunt for the next Pizza joint. Just hop, skip and jump over to Rosita’s All You Can Eat Buffet and yes, the All Day Dining Bracelet works there too!


2. Re-energize

Sit down, kick off those shoes under the shelter of the various show stadiums and re-energize watching entertaining performances like the award winning Azul with talented acrobats and beluga whales, the rib tickling Cannery Row Caper with sea lions Clyde and Seymour and Uncle Max the walrus or the impressive water ski acts in Cool Vibrations.

Early last month two brand new shows were added to SeaWorld‘s repertoire. The one that created the biggest splash is the Shamu show that has replaced the much loved ‘Believe‘. One Ocean has it’s own charm with a global conservation message centering the theme



and you will get to see all three killer whales performing together amidst water jet effects and more.



We were fortunate to be able to see one of the newest members to the family….baby Shamu! This is definitely worth the watch and yes, if you love to get a good ol’ frigid soak from head to foot, the “Splash Zone” still holds good in this show!

Another new show that opened the day we visited is one all the furry little monster lovers in your family will adore….Elmo and the Bookaneers.



This cute pirate themed show throws in the importance of reading (Bunny girl loved the fact that this was a book themed adventure),



a challenge thrown out to Elmo and the gang to prove if they’re worthy of being bestowed the honor of becoming ‘Bookaneers’



and features a lot of the old Sesame Street classic songs.

I would say this is one of our favorite Elmo shows of all time.
Don’t skip watching this one when you visit the Park!


3. Refresh

March 2011 brought along a fantastic new way to refresh ones self at the Park with the Bay Of Play.(Click on the link to read my detailed post on all that this fun area offers to Park visitors of all ages)



We had Bunny girl and Bunny Boo’s swim-wear on hand so we’d pop in and out of the water play areas through the day.

To take a respite from the water, Hubby and Bunny girl would hop onto the rides in the Bay Of Play area and cool off again under the super-sized fans in the shade.


Needless to say that the Bay was packed with adults and tiny toddlers cooling off through the day and I love that the water was not hot or warm but had a nice cool temperature to the same….very refreshing!


4. Relax


That’s right….Relax! I know you think it’s practically impossible to ever think of doing the same at a Park with young ones but guess what? At SeaWorld it IS possible at theDolphin Cove,


the Coral Reef (the Park’s well spaced out Aquarium with benches placed strategically in front of the life sized shark and fish exhibits.)


and thePenguin Encounter.


On this trip the Wildside children had the opportunity to experience what the Penguin Up Close Tour is all about. While the Tour is originally designed to only include children aged 8 and older, our little ones were duly supervised by accompanying adults and SeaWorld staff. The Tour is very educative and the ONLY way you will get to see a real penguin, in the flesh, right here in sultry Texas!


Hubby’s ultimate SeaWorld dream involves him getting into the Park when it just opens and parking himself in front of the penguin tank till the Park closes….no kids, no distractions, just him and the penguins!


Our family enjoyed our time at the Park and knowing that the 4 Rs actually did work for us, we’re seriously making one more trip down just before Bunny girl starts Kinder next month.

Oh yeah, the summer heat is no longer a deterrent to a great family Park experience!




** EBMR Disclaimer: As a Wildside Blogger, my family was provided with passes and a fab dining plan to enjoy SeaWorld, San Antonio’s park on our recent visit. This post has not been monetarily compensated and is based on the views and opinions of my family and/or self. Please note that the opinions reflected in this post have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way.**