Great Gifts for Babies- Activity Centers!

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Your hunt for the right gift for that sweet baby brought you here. As a mom of three kids- 2 daughters and a son, I can say, without a doubt, that these are great gifts for babies- activity centers! Check out the top 10 parent approved stationary activity center recommendations.

As soon as a baby begins to sit up unsupported, there’s a world for her to absorb.

While it isn’t always possible for you, as a parent/caregiver, to sit by her side and stimulate her 24/7, there are learning toys that can help facilitate that.

Great Gifts for Babies- Activity Centers

Stationary activity centers are the perfect gift to get a baby who can sit unsupported. 

The ideal age recommendation is 6 months-24 months. 

Babies love these. 

My little one loves her interactive activity center.

Most activity centers are designed to grow with your baby.

It starts off as an activity center for a child as young as 6 months and can be expanded as your child grows.

In most centers, height levels can be adjusted on the sturdy legs, most often between three levels,  to suit the young owner’s height.

Little Tikes Discover and Learn Activity Center (13)

Activity centers hold different fun, learning stimulators that may include elements like the ones on our center-

movable beads, rotating gears, a windmill with blades that spin, and a musical train that chugs around the tracks bordering the seat the baby is in.

Little Tikes Discover and Learn Activity Center (9)

Our center includes a seat that rotates 360 degrees.

My 10-month-old always turns from one direction to the other, exploring the different little toys propped in the center.

She had just as much fun playing with the same before adding batteries to get the train moving as after.

Baby activity centers are great gift investments, especially for times you would like to put your child down to say get dinner done.

I would not recommend leaving the baby in the same unsupervised, though.

( I pull our center into the kitchen and watch as Baby Girl plays happily as I get dinner together.  This way she sees me and I can keep an eye on her as she plays.)

Here are a few Activity Center Gifts for Babies recommendations on Amazon:

These are parent favorites. I recommend reading the reviews before picking the best one for your baby.