Creativity unleashed with the 150 Piece TINKERTOY Essentials Value Set {+ Giveaway}

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Little Man can get lost for long pockets of time if you empty out a box of building parts in front of him and walk away. So when I opened up the 150 Piece TINKERTOY Essentials Value Set, his face lit up.

And in true follower fashion, Baby Girl quickly made herself comfortable right next to him, so that she could replicate try to replicate whatever he was creating.

Creativity unleashed with the 150 Piece TINKERTOY Essentials Value Set

Creativity unleashed with the 150 Piece TINKERTOY Essentials Value Set

The set includes spools, flexible rods, flags, washers and end caps. It’s upto your child to create, construct, put together and build his/her own creations.

Creativity unleashed with the 150 Piece TINKERTOY Essentials Value Set- As seen on [ad] (15)

While the set does include an instruction sheet with 15 building ideas, it’s always so much more fun to watch the kids get creative with all the pieces scattered around them.

Creativity unleashed with the 150 Piece TINKERTOY Essentials Value Set- As seen on [ad] (1)

Dottie will soon turn 10 in a few months and insisted she was too old to join the younger two. But after she saw them creating abstract models and adorable animals she quietly joined in the fun!

Creativity unleashed with the 150 Piece TINKERTOY Essentials Value Set- As seen on [ad] (17)

The all plastic set is recommended for children aged 3 and older. And as is fashion with all K’nex products, this is easy to maintain, easy to clean and durable.

If you’re looking for a non-electronic, good old fashioned, educational, creative, fun gift idea for a child, then this is it!

Creativity unleashed with the 150 Piece TINKERTOY Essentials Value Set- As seen on [ad] (19)

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  1. Love it when we still have the toys I grew up with. Kids can really use their imagination with Tinker Toys. My grandson loves building and this would be a great gift for him. This is a toy that keeps them busy for a long time.

  2. I love that my kids can use there imaginations together and build lots of amazing stuff ..I also love that these are durable

  3. I love that this gets kids away from screen time and has them making and creating something! They are learning and having fun at the dame time!

  4. We spent many hours playing with Tinker Toys as a child! One can do so many creative things with them using your mind and imagination!

  5. What I love most about the Tinkertoy Essential Value Sets are the flexible rods,they add an exciting twist to whatever exciting creation you make,the whole set helps add another element of fun to the conventional set.

  6. I love that these Tinkertoy’s can bend and flex. I think I could sit down and make some pretty cool stuff all by myself….before the kids get home!

  7. There’s so many things you can make and it would provide hours of fun for my 3 boys!

  8. My kids loved Tinker Toys when they were younger, but the new flexible rods are a great improvement to this age old classic toy. I know my Grandson would love these.

  9. Tinker Toys were one of my favorite things to do when i was a kid…would love for my grandchildren to experience the same fun!

  10. I love that its something that we can do together as a family. We can build memories and thats priceless!

  11. I love that there are many different kinds of pieces so you can built lots of different things, whatever your imagination takes you!

  12. I like all the variety of tinker toys that you get in this pack for them to build endless things. I like that it helps develop creativity and problem solving. This is a wonderful gift for our kids.

  13. I love all the creative possibilities with all those pieces! I also like that there are bendable pieces 🙂

  14. I love that a toy I loved as a kid is still around. My kids will love the flexible pieces.

  15. I love how these toys encourage creativity and have plenty of parts to build all kinds of fun things!

  16. I love this because I think it will be a greatly liked by my son who loves to put Legos together, so I’m sure we would love this.

  17. What I love the most about this 150 piece TINKERTOY set is that no batteries are required. My now grown kids loved using their imaginations to create things with their TINKERTOY sets years ago. My youngest grandchild would enjoy this set.

  18. What I love is that children can unplug, unwind, and create. They can imagine, and engineer, without a screen, and without a youtube video! And you know what? It is still fun!

  19. I love that children aren’t given any instructions or limited to what they can do. It’s amazing what kids can create when someone isn’t telling them how to do it.

  20. OMGoodness! I remember hours of fun with Tinker Toys when I was a kid in the 60’s lol I love building sets that exercise the creative engineering skills for kids.

  21. I love that this set includes flexible elements – when I was a kid Tinkertoys didn’t have any pieces like that, and it seems like a great addition.

  22. I love that it allows kids to be creative and build whatever they want. My daughter has been wanting Tinker Toys because she loves playing with them at her cousin’s house; she has built so many creative things with them there!

  23. i remember these from when i was little they were made of wood then i love that it makes you use your mind

  24. I like that it contains so many different pieces and that they are plastic and flexible. Perfect for my young grandson

  25. I love that this allows my boys to get creative, using their imaginations to create new things each time they play with the 150 piece kit!

  26. I love that they have flexible rods! This leaves so many possibilities for building. I loved tinker toys when I was little and I think my kids would love this modern version.

  27. Love all the different things you can make it allows kids to use their imagination and lots of fun. Something great for 2 kids or more to do together.

  28. I love that the possibilities are endless. Also that it’s something that lets them use their imagination.

  29. I love that with so many different pieces,kids can really build whatever they dream up.I loved Tinkertoys as a kid and I am so happy they are still around so my kids can play with them too.

  30. I love the variety of pieces. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a set with flexible rods before. I like those.

  31. I really love that they have the flexible rods and the beautiful multi colors too!
    Thank You for the chance

  32. I love toys that don’t require batteries or electricity! I want my children to enjoy getting creative!

  33. I love how the kids get use to their creativity and it a toy that the kids will use for many years to come.

  34. I love that it is a toy that uses your imagination and the kids can build new and exciting things.

  35. I like that they are colorful, durable and there is no end to what can be made with them.

  36. I love this because it was a toy I played with when I was young, & I love that it sparks creativity!

  37. I love all the fun colors and connectors. I played with these when I was a kid. Hours of fun! Thank you for the chance 🙂

  38. Such a classic. Would love to give to my nephew as a gift, that his Aunt Kristin used to play with when she was his age.

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