How to Make a Love Book -My Reasons Why I Love You Book Idea for Kids

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How to Make A Love Book- My Reasons Why I Love You Book Idea is DIY Mother’s Gift feature on

As we neared Hubby’s 40th birthday, I scoured through Pinterest hoping to find some inspiration for a unique birthday gift the kids could make.

I found a bunch of different things but nothing “one of a kind” that could be slotted under the “I will never forget this gift ever” category.

So we decided to put together a bunch of different ideas and finally came up with the most perfect handmade gift, for really any occasion-

a milestone birthday, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Grandparent’s Day.

The kids made their very own…

LOVE book!

How to Make A Love Book- My Reasons Why I Love You Book DIY Gift Idea

The LOVE book is such a unique kids’ handmade gift, that holds all the reasons why your child loves the recipient.

Isn’t that cute?

What makes this a memorable gift is it’s 100% personalized and hand-made with love by the kids.

And no it isn’t hard to make.

To make This easy handmade gift you need:

  1. Colored card stock paper (We used orange to ensure the kids’ paint art stood out)
  2. White paper
  3. Paint (We used washable finger paints as my 2 year old was involved in the project)
  4. Paintbrushes /Toothbrushes
  5. 1 Key Ring (We took borrowed ours off an old key chain!)
  6. Single hole punch.
  7. Craft scissors (To cut the paper with pretty designs. You can use regular scissors but these are prettier.)
  8. Pen/Markers/Dark Colored Pencil (If your child isn’t comfortable writing with a pen/markers)
  9. Laminator (This is optional but highly suggested if you want your book to stay preserved. We used our Fellowes Laminator. Super easy to use!)
  10. A book to jot down your child’s “love” gushes!

Making the LOVE Book:

1. Begin with painting your card stock.

You can use a paintbrush to do dots, patterns or a toothbrush to spray paint designs. If your child is younger you can finger paint.

(With younger kids the painting process can be spread over a few days or even weeks.)

2. While you wait for the paint to dry/ complete the background artwork, list out the “X’ number of reasons why your child loves your LOVE book recipient in a book.

It’s easier to have a completed list when you begin to write it out on paper.

 Since we were making our book for Hubs’ 40th birthday we did 40 reasons why the kids love him. My 6-year-old did all the thinking barring 2 inputs from my 2-year-old!

3. Once the paint on the card stock is dry, using your craft scissors, cut out equal-sized squares.

Cut smaller-sized squares using white paper so that the painted art peeps through the sides.

(Card stock dimensions we used: 4″ x 4″ , white paper dimensions: 3″ x 3″)

4. Have your child write out one “love reason” per white paper square.

Or if your child is too young to write, here’s where you begin writing!

5. Stick each white square on a painted art card stock square.

6. Once done. Arrange the possible number of “LOVE” squares in a laminated sleeve and run them through the Laminator.

(An A4 sized sleeve should hold 4 squares)

7. Now punch a hole in the upper, left-hand corner of each laminated square.

8. Slide each punched square through the keyring

And there you have it.

A gift that can never have a price tag slapped on to it…

it’s simply priceless!

The only problem is finding a gift to top this one next year!

How to Make a Love Book -An Easy Handmade Gift Idea for Kids

Psst! Teacher’s Appreciation Week is the first week of May.

Make your child’s teacher an unforgettable Love Book and pair it with this beautiful, handmade pencil holder

Who do you think will have the honor of receiving your kids’ first LOVE book creation?.


  1. Oh that is a very sweet gift! And one I am sure the Dad would absolutely cherish and love. My husband loves getting personalized things like this from our kids.

    1. You can do this without the Laminator but you always run the risk of a page tearing through. But if kept away from little hands you should be fine 😉

  2. What a sweet and special gift! I adore that you laminated it. I would save it away forever! Thanks for sharing this lovely craft. My kids would love to make this for Dad or Grandma, or just about anyone special in their lives.

  3. This is very very very cute and thoughtful. I will love to do this for my husband from the kid for his birthday. And since it is in August … it will give be enough time to organize it. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Love it! I’m a big fan of anything handmade, especially by the little ones. I’m sure your hubby will treasure it for forever!

  5. I love this, what a great gift for Father’s Day, I better start now:) Thanks for sharing

  6. What a great gift idea! I agree, it would be perfect for Father’s Day. Great for grandparents too!

  7. That is such a sweet idea! I agree with Cecile, it’s perfect for just about anyone and any holiday!

  8. What an adorable gift! I pinned this so my son and I can make one once he’s old enough to write. I think we’d make one for my hubby…he deserves it!

  9. I love this idea!! I think that this would also be great for grandparents that don’t live close or get to see their grandkids all the time!
    I hope hubby had a great 40th!

  10. This is fabulous! Would rather get a gift like this from my kids than any other! Gifts with meaning!

  11. One of my husbands love language is words of affirmation he would love this! thanks for the idea

  12. Marina this is awesome! This would make a great teacher’s gift too, in fact, Im going to pin it in my teachers gift board to remember for end of year!

  13. This is a great idea. I think we often take our family members for granted. This is a nice way to get kids (and adults too) to think of all the reasons we appreciate each other. Thanks!

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