Back to school supplies can be cute!

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I remember when I was in school, school supplies were so ordinary. Yellow pencils. Plain wood rulers. Solid block color files.

So when Office Depot and Office Max sent me a sampler of their Sweet Smarts school supplies collection, the little girl inside me squealed.Back to school supplies can be cute!- (ad) (4)

Taking inspiration from the 80’s and the 90’s, the designs scream fun while the bright neon colors and cartoon pictures make looking forward to that new school year all the more exciting.School Supplies Can Be Cute- (ad)

Back to school supplies can be cute!

I remember when slap on bracelets were a huge fad in school. Every kid walked around with one and we all had so much fun with it.

Well, Office Depot has taken it to another level making it practical for a school goer.

How cute is this snap on 12″ bracelet ruler? Back to school supplies can be cute!- (ad) (1)And sure you can get clear colored push pins because you need something to get the job done but if you can get 200 stackable push pins in the color of your choice for $3 a pack, why wouldn’t you choose that instead?

Back to school supplies can be cute!- (ad) (5)

For school/college goers who’re looking for files, folders and envelopes that stand out, the sprinkled donuts , icecream cones and gold tinted designs from the Sweet Smarts collection are great choices.

You can even find complementing supplies to match each other, like the ice cream cone pencil pouch. The pouch while sold seperately does have matching supplies like notebooks, a pocket folder and regular folder.

Both Office Depot and Office Max carry a variety of unique pencils, colorful pencil grips, cute erasers, snazzy folders and more. Your back to school shopping gets covered in one place. (Yes backpacks, lunchbags and water bottles are also available.)

Back to school supplies can be cute!- (ad) (2)

Now if you’re not a fan of shopping around the store for supplies, Office Depot has that covered too. Their 15 piece writing kit comes with the immediate essentials your older elementary, middle school and/or high school aged child would need. Back to school supplies can be cute!- (ad) (6)

How would you like to win a Whimsical Wonder school supply kit?

One reader will receive a Whimsical Wonder school supply kit from Office Depot and Office Max.

The Whimsical Wonder collection features a quiet palette of pastels mixed with cool and warm metallic finishes. The pieces will appeal to young women and girls looking to make a serious fashion statement. With accessories including on-trend polka dots and beautifully colored notebooks, delicately hued portfolios with stylish designs and elegant and chic pencil pouches, the Whimsical Wonder collection has fashionable pieces for anyone looking to make a trendy entrance.

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  1. My favorite back to school memory is when the kids go back to school and I no longer have to worry about them getting into trouble during the day not being in school.

  2. My biggest back to school memory is the first time my daughter took a school bus to school. She looked so tiny climbing up the the steps into the schools bus!

  3. I don’t really have a memory for back to school. I love that I take a picture of my girls on the first day of school each year. I love going back and looking at them and seeing how much they change. It’s crazy how much they grow in one year.

  4. One of my favorite memories is taking my son in to school the week before to meet his teacher, get the class layout and schedule to help prevent the first day jitters.

  5. My favorite back-to-school memory is my daughter’s first day of pre-school, which was also the first day she ever dressed herself. She ended up going to school in two different shoes and a tutu!

  6. My favorite back to school memory was looking at the list before school started to see which friends are in your class with you.

  7. I remember one year I went back to school shopping with my parents and come to find out me and my best friend had picked out some of the same school clothes. That was cool.

  8. My favorite back to school memory is my son’s first day of kindergarten. I cried! But he was so excited!

  9. I was always excited for the first day of school so I could see all my friends again and we could always see who had the same fashion style and bought the same clothes.

  10. NOt sure what grade it was but very early on I got to pick out a disney themed lunch box. Wish I still had it

  11. I remember loving new school supplies. I loved shopping for them more than I loved going back to school. Everything was so fresh and clean and had so much potential. I loved my Garfield notebooks and my ecofriendly purple papered notebooks!

  12. I remember getting a phone call that my son was in the Kindergarten room instead of the 1st grade room, for the first day of school, not to worry because he was easing the fears and tears of his best friend. It worked!

  13. I use to be nervous every year back to school lol, always sick to my stomach. Bullies have that effect on you so not too many positive back to school memories here.

  14. my favorite back to school moment was when i got to drive my car to school senior year! i still remember the happiness i felt driving and then pulling into the lot! i was SO COOL!!!!

  15. My back to school memory was when my mom finally trusted me enough to walk to school with all my friends

  16. I raised 4 sons. I remember one year after them being home all summer, the chaos, the fighting, the non stop eating, etc dropping them off @ school on the first day and wanting to jump up in the air and kick my heels. Didn’t want to fall and get hurt so I didn’t do it. Just being honest.

  17. My favorite back to school memory is seeing all my friends after a summer spent out of state.

  18. i remember my son threatening to blow up the kindergarden room if he had to come back the next day LOL yes i got a phone call

  19. My favorite back to school memory is when my 4 year old qualified to go to PreK a few years back! It was so nice and quiet. I had a newborn, so it was nice to just concentrate on my new baby girl while my other one was in school.

  20. My favorite back to school memory this year is this is the first year I didn’t cry like a baby. Lol Honestly, I was proud of them and happy to see them so excited. My oldest started high school and I’m amazed at how grown up she is now.

  21. It was the first time i got bussed all the way across town in order to have school mixed races or ethnics. I walked into a school where i knew no one and everyone was a different ethnic background and i was scared to death. Have met some really cool and talented kids, i actually wound up having a lot of fun even though dad never approved.

  22. My favorite back to school memory is of my sons first day and he did not want me to walk him. He turned to me and said I got this mom!

  23. My favorite back to school memory is when my son started Kindergarten and his older brother walked him to class.

  24. I remember my mom standing at the bus stop with me and holding my hand when it was time for me to go to kindergarten

  25. I remember taking pictures of my now 10 year old daughter on her first day of prek, sitting on the giant, colorful reading rug in her classroom. I was afraid she would cry but she was fine.

  26. My favorite back to school memory is my first day of middle school. it was the first time i ever had a purse to carry to school.

  27. Last year my oldest started jr high, watching her walk into the school on the first day and remembering the same scene when she was going into kindergarten.

  28. My favorite back to school memory is wearing new shoes that my favorite Aunt had bought for me!!~

  29. My favorite memory is going to meet all my teacher’s ad having my parents come with me.

  30. My favorite back to school memory was that my mom would always take us to school on the first day.

  31. When I took my daughter to preschool for the first time… I cried a little after I dropped her off. I didn’t expect to. She was just so brave.

  32. My favorite back to school memory is when my dad gave me a Disney backpack and it was the center of attention in my class. I also had brand new stationery for my art work.

  33. love love taking pics of kids on their first day of school. it has always been a tradition for me to capture a bunch of photos. I love it We are in Louisiana so we could not start school yet with all this flooding but Monday we should be good 😉

  34. Back to school shopping was always a treat. I loved getting new school supplies even more than new outfits.

  35. I always loved finding out what my new schedule would be and calling my friends to see who had the same classes with me!

  36. My favorite back to school memories are usually getting my girls ready for school. Shopping for clothes and supplies and just spending time together while we get what they like and need.

  37. Back to School is my favorite time of year. I love buying new clothes and new school supplies. it’s always such fun.

  38. My favorite memory is getting new school supplies and an outfit for the first day of school. Love new beginnings!

  39. My favorite back to school memories was the excitement of wearing a new outfit, catching up with my friends and having checking out my new classes.

  40. My favorite back to school memory is from the first day in preschool. So young and cute and excited and scared all at the same time.

  41. My favorite memory is watching my kids get on the school bus for the first time. They were so excited to start kindergarten.

  42. sent my son to school on first day of school with all supplies in new back pack only to have his water bottle to leak water all on paper supplies which had to be tossed out. He was crying. poor baby

  43. My favorite back to school memory is calling my friends a few days before school started.We read off our school schedule to see if we had classes together.

  44. My favorite memory for me going back to school would be when we went with my gram and sis in law and we all shopped until stores closed and then had a late supper.

    My favorite memory involving my daughter would be writing her little notes of encouragement and having a girls’ night with movies and popcorn and discussing her excitement as well as her worries for the upcoming year.

  45. I was always more excited about getting new notebooks and pens than in getting new clothes.
    Thanks for the contest.

  46. I don’t remember ever enjoying school. I suppose going to the school at the end of summer to see who my teacher was going to be.

  47. I remember returning back to elementary one year. I bought hot lunch. There was a contest going on. They put small colored sticky dots on certain lunch items. You won if there was one on your lunch. I got one on my hot cup of veggies that the lunch lady pulled out of a heater. I won 2 $5 gift certificates to a local music store. Come to think of it..that was the first thing I ever won!

  48. This will probably sound silly, but one of my favorite memories was getting a box of brand new crayons. I loved opening that box, with all the sharp little points, the smell…. even as a teacher today, I love to open the new boxes!

  49. It was always fun picking out a new lunch kit. I hated it when I dropped the lunch kit accidentally and heard the tinkle sound of broken glass in the thermos liner.

  50. One of my favorites was when my twins 4th grade teacher told me “If you don’t believe what they tell you about me,I won’t believe what they tell me about you.” I thought it was so funny.

  51. My favorite Back to School memory is when our first child went to Kindergarten. I didn’t want to leave, I wanted to stay and wait there all day but my husband calmed me down and managed to get me home. Hours later he said he was going to the store, only to find out later that he was sneaking away to peak through the fence at lunch time to make sure she was ok. We will laugh about that one for ever!

  52. I just really enjoyed school ,Kreme bed my 3 gr teacher being great , learned a lot that year .and I still stay in touch with my friends from grade school .

  53. My favorite back to school memory us my daughter helping her kindergarten brother into the bus and walked him to hjs class. I was so proud!

  54. My favorite back to school memory is my son walking to the bus for kindergarten carrying his Care Bear. He thought he was walking by himself (but we were following him a ways back in our small neighborhood)

  55. My favorite back to school memory is of my son first day in kindergarten when all the kids are lining up to get in the classroom and the kids are saying I’m first in line and my son says I’m last, I’m last in line with a big smile on his face.

  56. This prize pkg puts me to remembering how much kids need today. 62 years ago when I went I was so proud of my pencil box. It was the length of the ruler inside and contained an eraser, ruler, and #2 pencils 🙂

  57. I got paddled on the 1st day of school. I was standing in line for the restroom at lunch time .I had a paper bag and was getting ready to pop it. The teacher told me not to pop. It. So I did inside the restroom. The teacher heard it and I was caught..

  58. My favorite back to school memory is shopping for school supplies this year with my grandson.

  59. I loved the smell of my new leather sneakers! Not getting hand-me-down shoes was always the best, being the youngest of six I got a lot of my sisters’ clothes but back to school meant new shoes!

  60. My favorite back to school memory is taking my daughter to her first day of first grade. I printed out a first day of first grade sign and took lots of photos.

  61. I always loved going to the store and picking out my lunchbox. The showing it off on the first day of school

  62. My favorite memory was when I was 3 or 4 my older sister talked the bus driver into letting me get on the bus and look around, it was so exciting for me as I was going to be going to school shortly

  63. One of my most memorable back to school memories was freshmen year. My family had a condo reserved in Florida. The only catch was I would have to miss the first week of my freshmen year. So I decided to miss the Florida trip. I was so afraid of getting behind by missing school. I remember that well because now I wish I would’ve went to Florida.

  64. My favorite back to school memory was when I found out my best friend and I had the same teacher in 3rd grade!

  65. My back to school memory was the call from my niece’s teacher after few days of her school. She said my niece got…lices, and she was sent home to treat that problem. My nieces cried a lot but I told her that it would be ok because I got lices when I was young too 🙂

  66. lol, In 1st grade, I was scared to ask to go to the bathroom, and peed all over the place. I cried so hard my Mom had to come get me.

  67. My favorite back to school memory for myself is one year my Grandmother took me shopping and let me buy the style I wanted. my mom was not to happy but I was.

  68. My favorite memory of going back to school was in my 6th grade year. I had worked during the summer for friends of the family at a bbq place. I bought my own school clothes. I had lots of neon skirts with bicycle type shorts attached to them.

  69. My daughter’s first day of Kindergarten! It was 5 years ago now but it’s always going to be one of my favorites!

  70. My favorite back to school memory is shopping for school supplies as a kid. . I loved picking out new supplies and choosing a lunchbox.

  71. my little niece coming up to me and saying uncle I need you to take me shopping for some fashionable clothes for 1st grade keep in mind this is a 6 year old saying this.

  72. As a kid, I was always so excited to go back to school to see who was in my class that year and to wear all of my new school clothes.

  73. My best memories of school are about the marching band. We were a family all in our own. It was so much fun.

  74. My favorite back to school memory was my first day of 1st grade. I could barely contain my excitement of going to a full day of school.

  75. I remember going back to school in highschool with my new car. That was exciting.

  76. I remember being in elementary school, and my mom had labels sewn into all my jackets and shirts. I also remember in elementary school using the label maker and I labeled everything with my name.

  77. My most recent favorite back to school memory is my first day at college! It seemed so scary and huge but it turned out to be amazing and I loved ti so much more than previous school experiences!

  78. I’m about to make a HUGE school memory; sending my oldest to college and my youngest to kindergarten.

  79. I use to love getting a new lunch box my Strawberry Shortcake one was my favorite

  80. Going back and seeing friends you’ve missed during the summer was always my fav part of back to school.

  81. I lived in a remote area as a child so I loved school because I got to see other people my own age. That was always the best part about going to back to school.

  82. I remember how exciting it was choosing just the right outfit to wear the first day of school! I remember my favorite ones so clearly!!!

  83. I remember the excitement on the first day of school and the last day of school the most. I remember getting all new school supplies and organizing everything in my desk.

  84. I recall the excitement I had when I went back to school shopping. It was such an awesome feeling to get brand new supplies that you could use. Although we did not have what they ahve today, I fodnly remember Trapper Keeper and Lisa Frank stuff.

  85. I remember going back to school and we all wanted designer jeans..We wanted to look our best. My aunts use to buy me the greatest clothes for school

  86. My favorite memory was doing plays in elementary school. We did Little House on the Prairie and then we did Christmas plays. I absolutely loved being in them. My daughter seems to be following my love for being in the school plays as well.

  87. My favorite back to school memory is our kids going back to school & seeing all their friends that they haven’t seen over the summer & how excited they are to see each other again! It’s neat to see how much they grow up over the summer!

  88. I always loved going back to school all the new clothes and new supplies and getting to see my friends

  89. My favorite memory is shopping for new pens and pencils and cute pouches, the coolest binders. My daughter was less trilled about it but she learned to enjoy it

  90. I remember when my daughter had her first day of kindergarten, so many mixed emotions.

  91. My favorite memory is proudly putting on our first day of school outfits, along with our brand new backpacks, and mom taking pictures of us before our first day every year. She always made us feel so good about it!

  92. I loved shopping for school supplies every year! I remember picking out notebooks, pencils, crayons (loved those!), and lunchbox every year. I still love school supplies to this day.

  93. My favorite memory is sitting on a pony (fake) getting measured for saddle shoes and getting a lolipop afterwards. Happened every school year for elementary school.

  94. My favorite back to school memory was in sixth grade when my sister curled my hair, and I wore prairie boots with plaid shorts. I thought I looked cool…:)

  95. My favorite going back to school memory is taking my daughter shopping for clothes and school supplies this year and then going out for lunch. It is the same thing I would do with my own mom.

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