A 4 Gift Rule for Christmas and a Meaningful Shepherd on the Search Tradition

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We recently introduced our kids to the 4 gift rule for Christmas.

Sadly Christmas has become such a commercial game today.

The birth of Christ has been shoved to the corner and ‘gimme more gifts’ takes the spotlight.

As parents, Hubs and I try to find ways to keep our celebrations centered on the real Reason behind the season, and to bring some sanity to gift-giving.

Thus began our tradition of the 4 gift rule.

4 gift rule at Christmas

This simply means we don’t do a gift overload.

We get them:

  • Something they want (a doll, toy, game)
  • Something they need (a new backpack/bag, headphones for a school device)
  • Something to wear (a new Christmas outfit or a casual wear set)
  • Something to read (because books are such great gifts! Have you read any of our favorite Christmas books in this collection?)

Besides this, we introduced them to a new Christmas tradition this year.

We try to challenge the children to find ways to share God’s Love with those around us, by spreading the Christmas message through our acts of service and love, and this beautiful gift will help inspire just that.

The Christmas Gift Your Child Will Never Forget: The Shepherd on the Search

Thanks to a wonderful sponsored campaign with the Collective Bias team and DaySpring, my family was introduced to the Shepherd on the Search.


Shepherd on the Search

The Shepherd on the Search is such a wonderful addition to DaySpring’s line of inspirational gifts.

It encourages children to think back to the time when the shepherds heard of the Messiah’s birth, from the angels, and went on the hunt to find baby Jesus.

With the sweet little Shepherd included in the gift pack, the kids get to walk their own little journey, right after Thanksgiving till Jesus’ birthday, as they hunt for where’s he’s hidden in the house each day.

To make this family tradition meaningful, encourage your family to do something each day, to celebrate God’s Love, with little notecard prompts left by your Shepherd.

Shepherd on the Search

To make things a little easier on you, get my set of 30 printable Shepherd on the Search notecards that you can use.

I’ve also included a template of blank notecards to allow you to write out your own Act Of Love prompts for each day.

Shepherd on the Search cards

Each notecard reminds your family to keep Christ in the center of all your Christmas celebrations and really celebrate the days leading up to His Birth in a more meaningful and unforgettable way.

Shepherd on the Search

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The Shepherd on the Search kit also includes a beautifully illustrated book that outlines the story of how little Shepherd’s search began. 

Shepherd on the Search

DaySpring also has more fun Advent activities for your family to do together while looking for your Shepherd or after.

(Don’t forget to sign up on the website to get the activities emailed to you for free.)

Activities include baking using recipe cards provided, doing crafts, or helping young children point out the animals while reading the book.

Shepherd on the Search

Allow me to introduce you to another special family activity-

this unique Acts of Kindness Bingo.

This printable Christmas activity includes an Acts of Kindness Christmas Tree Wall Art family activity.

The Acts of Kindness Christmas Tree is a family craft activity that will, in turn, become a special Christmas wall art keepsake for your family.

As your family completes an act of kindness, take turns in allowing one family member to add a fingerprint ornament on the tree.

Add one ornament print per act of kindness.

Watch as the once bare Christmas tree becomes a beautiful tree filled with colorful Christmas ornaments.

Once done, frame this craft as a symbolic reminder of this beautiful project your family embarked upon.

Every act of kindness touches lives.

May this become a new family tradition.

A reminder to celebrate what’s important and pour into the lives of those around us.

Get the Unique Christmas Bingo-Acts of Kindness Bingo Edition printable set from my Etsy store now!

Another fun activity you can do with younger kids is this super cute craft I did with Baby Girl.

Easy Toddler Sheep Craft using cotton balls

Easy Sheep Craft for Kids

Materials needed-

Printable sheep template

Cotton balls

Wiggly eyes (2 per sheep)

Glue stick

Clothes pegs (2 per sheep)

Black crayon


A pair of scissors.

Easy Toddler Sheep Craft using cotton balls

1. Cut out the shapes using this sheep template.

2. Have your child color both sides of the clothes pegs using the black crayon.

3. Glue the ears to the sheep’s head and then glue the head to the middle of the sheep’s body.

(Make sure you help your child apply glue only to the middle of the sheep’s head so as to allow the ears and head to lie above the cotton balls when stuck in the next step.)

Easy Toddler Sheep Craft using cotton balls

4. Stick the cotton balls around the sheep’s head.

5. Now carefully clip on both clothes pegs to the bottom of the sheep’s body and cover the top with the cotton balls.

Easy Toddler Sheep Craft using cotton balls

6. Stick the eyes on the face

Easy Toddler Sheep Craft using cotton balls

and there you have it,

an adorable little sheep for your Shepherd.


Excited to begin this new, annual Christmas tradition with your family?

You can buy your Shepherd on the Search kit online or from a Lifeway Christian store, Family Christian store, select Hallmark Gold Crown stores, and other select Christian bookstores.

Don’t forget to come back and share what your kids choose to name the Shepherd (my kids are still deciding if ours is Matthew or David.) and let me know if you can think of other Acts of Love that could be added to our list.

Shepherd on the Search

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    1. Hi Sandy, if you click on the website link, on the top menu you will see “Buy Online”, click on that and it will take you to the DaySpring online store. The Shepherd On The Search kit is a very affordable $29.99 right now and your kids will love it!

  1. This is such a wonderful idea for young children! I’m thinking about doing it with my grandchildren!

  2. I have the same question that Sandy Carpenter had. Where can the book, and doll be purchased and what is the price?

    1. Hi Marilyn, if you click on the website link, on the top menu you will see “Buy Online”, click on that and it will take you to the DaySpring online store. The Shepherd On The Search kit is a very affordable $29.99 right now and your kids will love it!

  3. Thanks for pointing that out Tammy. You should be able to see 4 printable sheets vs 5 now. Deleted the extra page 2 😉

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