I signed up, I trained…I did a 2 mile runDisney Fun Run!

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So you read the title and laughed it off.

What’s the big deal, you ask?

Anyone can run a 2 miler. It’s no biggie, right?



When the Special Events team with Disney Social Media Moms sent out an email asking for sign-ups to a special runDisney 2 mile Fun Run the morning of the conference I knew I wanted to be a part of it. But there was a small problem…

7 years ago I had my first child and I am ashamed to admit that the last time I remember doing any form of physical fitness was a few months prior to her birth.

So would I even make it through the first mile?


Source Credit: Running Doc
Source Credit: Running Doc


Who knew? But I wasn’t going to miss out on the fun so…

I signed up!


Right after I did, the incredibly funny Kuleen Lashley created a “lets inspire each other” group on Facebook for us stragglers who’d never managed a 2 miler let alone a run of any sort.


DisneySMMoms 2013


Thus began the prep.


I trained!


Not confident of being able to run a whole 2 miles in 4 weeks, the group opted to do Jeff Galloway’s proven marathon success equation- run a minute, walk a minute.

The first few days were torture but each day became easier. (And the online “You can do this!” support received from the girls in the group definitely pushed me to do more.)

I could do this!

Oh and a few of us decided to dress up for the Fun Run.


The first Disney character that came to mind was Dory from Finding Nemo and her “Just Keep Swimming” song.

I had to keep that in mind for the Run…

Just Keep Running!


runDisney 2 mile Fun Run at Disney Social Media Moms Conference


The night prior…


I was thrilled to meet Ali Vincent , winner of the Biggest Loser-season 5, who was  to be the special guest at the Fun Run the next morning. Ali, honestly,  is such an inspiration!

She reminded me that the most important thing to do on the road to a fitness-centric journey was to show up…every day.

And that I could do this!


runDisney 2 mile Fun Run at Disney Social Media Moms Conference


The Big Day!


The morning of the Fun Run, in fear of not being at the hotel meeting point at 5.30 am, my body’s alarm clock got me up at 3.30 am!

So yes, donned in my Dory gear complete with a Team Sparkle skirt, I joined the rest of the early birds excited to get their “run on”.

We headed out to the ESPN World Wide Sports Complex (ah-mazing venue for the event!). 

Listened to instructions, dropped off our “belongings, took a few photographs


runDisney 2 mile Fun Run at Disney Social Media Moms Conference
Photo Credit: runDisney


and then broke off into two groups (The Run Group and the group that would make Jeff Galloway proud- the Run Walk Group!) and off we went!


The Run-Walk Group had so much fun!

We had a great motivator on our team-Ali- who kept pepping the group up from the moment they yelled “Go!”, till the last person crossed the finish line…

and of course the awesome women who had spent the last 4 weeks training for this event on their feet and through the wonderful Facebook group.


runDisney 2 mile Fun Run at Disney Social Media Moms Conference
Photo Credit: runDisney


Was it hard?

Surprisingly no!

I actually enjoyed myself and finishing the race with ease was so rewarding.

I can now say…

I did a 2 mile runDisney Fun Run!


runDisney 2 mile Fun Run at Disney Social Media Moms Conference


It may not have been a big deal to many but for me, as dramatic as it sounds, it was in a way a life-changer.

Getting back to a regular fitness routine was important for me…

for my family.

I want my kids to have a healthy, active Mom around for many, many years.

You can have everything but if you aren’t healthy, what’s the use ?


So yes, I’m grateful very grateful, this happened.

Thank you Disney Social Media Moms and runDisney for inspiring me to get back into the fitness groove.

runDisney 2 mile Fun Run at Disney Social Media Moms Conference
Photo Credit: Pilar Clark @OneMomMedia


What’s next?


My goal  is to be able to run a 2 miler all through. And slowly build it up to longer distances.

I’d also love to see our family run a marathon or a Fun Run together.

I know, now, that it is possible.


runDisney 2 mile Fun Run at Disney Social Media Moms Conference

Very possible!


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  1. That is awesome and looks like a lot of fun! You have to start somewhere!!! I stopped running for about a year and now have to wheeze myself through one mile. So, starting over is rough for sure!!!

    1. But like Ali says, at least you’re showing up so half your battle has been won! Go Jennifer!!

  2. Congrats! I can’t even run a mile without gasping for breathe so I think you did great.

    1. Gasping reminds me of something hilarious the adorable Kuleen said. She said we didn’t need any music during the run because she’d be wheezing to the tune of “It’s a Small World!”. Lol!!

  3. So fun that you dressed up with a theme. I’m just like you, though, I would struggle with the thought of a 2-mile run. Very proud of you, though, awesome job!!

  4. Congrats!!! You need to read my post about running……I didn’t think I could do a 5K until my daughter asked me to do one with her. I wasn’t excited, but I faked it and made it through. If Disney were thrown into the equation, we’d definitely be ready for it! 🙂

  5. You go, girl! I really don’t think I could run 2 miles straight. And people who just do it at the gym aren’t getting the same variance as you do outside! Doing it on a treadmill is a whole lot different from actually getting out there in the real world.

  6. It was SO fun to meet you and do the run/walk with you! Love that picture of the small group of us with Ali! 🙂 So fun!

  7. Congrats to you! That’s a great accomplishment! I used to run 5Ks and had so much fun….until my knee gave out! I’m always tempted to try again, but guess I am a little scared. 🙂

  8. so impressed you accomplished your goal and great motivation for me if the opportunity ever arises.

  9. AWESOME! I love that you had a group to help you train like that. And Dory – the perfect one to be. Having that voice in your head would be fun when you,re running. I love the idea of that whole FB group – right down to the fact you’d be running with everyone, just behind them. LOL . and you all did it!

  10. I am SO proud of you!!!

    This is something I would LOVE to do (should I ever get invited to Disney SMM!) but running is not something I do. I LOVE walking – speed walking, even – but not running.

    1. Sara I didn’t run the whole 2 miles. I did Jeff G’s walk/run equation. Run a minute, walk a minute all through. Read up about it. Many used it on marathons and builds up endurance to when/if you finally do want to run the whole 2 later.

  11. It was so much fun wasn’t it? And life changing indeed to realize how much we all can do and how easy it is to inspire each other to meet our goals! Run Disney is a fantastic organization!

  12. Oh and I forgot to ask, are you signing up for any more Disney Runs? It would be so fun to all meet up again!

  13. That is awesome! I’m a former long distance runner (now I’m lucky if I have TIME to run down the driveway to collect trash bins) but I love the idea of training for a group race. I plan to sign up for some this summer just to motivate myself! What an awesome time at an awesome event!

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