They Call It Truffle Love … I call it Heavenly!

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Valentine’s Day for our family means time together, celebrating the bond we’ve been blessed with. And this year, as we get ready to transition into becoming a family of 5, we’ve been celebrating the upcoming arrival of our Princess in different ways.

Just this past weekend, we celebrated with ice cream goodness from Cold Stone Creamery. Yes the 25 year old (and counting) Ice Cream Shoppe that  is known for providing customers with the ultimate ice cream experience.

Cold Stone Creamery

Sure the prices aren’t what you would term rock bottom but believe me when I say you pay for quality.!

With Valentine’s Day right round the corner, it wasn’t hard to agree that we wanted to pick the ultimate Valentine Ice Cream Special…

They Call It Truffle Love.

They Call It Truffle Love

Honestly, both the promotional banner on the site and the name, do this moist red velvet cake layered with fudge truffle ice cream and generously chocolate shavings wrapped in a rich fudge ganache no justice whatsoever.

And if too much fudge is not your thing, step it down a bit with the cream wrap over the fudge ganache exterior. (Trust me when I say, choco-holics will still get their chocolate fix as this is rich, rich, rich in chocolate layering, yet not in an overwhelming way. Definitely a great recommendation from our Shoppe’s manager)

They Call It Truffle Love

I would definitely recommend ordering your cake online or via the app, in case your local Shoppe has their stock for the day sold out. (Our local Shoppe mentioned these were  selling like “hot” cakes!)

2014-02-08 17.32.19

I was told the cake could feed about 20 people but if your family loves a really good ice cream cake I would definitely recommend averaging a cake to 10 people as  each person will want a second serving and a generous, thick slice of creamy deliciousness, each time!

- Cold Stone Creamery

Visit the Cold Stone Creamery Facebook page, Twitter Stream and Instagram feed to check out some drool-worthy promotions, pictures and ice cream buzz!

Now be honest, who would you share They Call It Truffle Love with? (Or would you hide this in your freezer and quietly sneak out a slice each day when all alone?)

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  1. 1

    Cold stone is one of our favorite stores. We used to have one near us and then they took it out! Sad face!

  2. 2

    I am drooling, love Coldstone, they make delicious cakes and ice cream!

  3. 3

    In all honesty I would want this all to myself!

  4. 4

    Oh my goodness, that cake looks amazing! I need to get over there and try one for myself. I bet my husband would love this as his birthday cake!

  5. 5

    No fair, just got over the Christmas weight and now you show this for Valentine’s Day?!?!

  6. 6

    Oh my goodness it looks so good! I’m afraid i would try to eat the entire thing.. lol.

  7. 7

    Oh good grief. I now know what I want for Valentine’s Day! This looks so GOOD!

  8. 8

    I soo love Cold Stone… thanks for a great idea for Valentine’s Day.. totally forgot about a treat….

  9. 9

    When we lived in Arizona this was a favorite place of ours!! Now that we are in Illinois we dont have one near us and we sure wish we did! This looks amazing.

  10. 10
    Dianna Thomas says:

    I just love Cold Stone and all there yummy goodies– this Valentines cakes would be perfect at this house and I can tell yo it wouldn’t last long. We dont get to go ther often– and when I do I always try to buy at least one Gift card to put in cards and little extra gifts00 everyone loves it.

  11. 11
    Janet W. says:

    Wow does this look delicious or what! I would be thinking about this dessert all day that I’m not sure I could wait to eat it until after dinner! Yum!!

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