The Hundred-Foot Journey Inspired Recipes {#GourmetGetaway Sweeps}

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Love international food? Enjoy relaxing with a good movie?

Then Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures’ upcoming release of The Hundred Foot Journey will pique your interest.

The HUndred Foot Journey Movie

The movie’s release is looked forward to with much excitement and pre-celebratory buzz.

Joining in the fun, Cost Plus World Market, the home for all things global, has partnered with celebrity chefs, Ryan Scott (Restaurateur & Host of Food Rush ) and Aarti Sequeira (Author & Host of Aarti Party), to bring the world to your table!

The Hundred-Foot Journey Inspired Recipes .

The Hundred-Foot Journey Inspired Recipes

The chefs have whipped up 6 amazing recipes featuring French food and Indian food from World Market, with a gastronomical twist.

The Hundred-Foot Journey Inspired Recipes from World Market

That’s not all…

You can now enter The Hundred-Foot Journey Sweeps to win a trip to Paris!

Oooh! Imagine eating a delicious croissant at a traditional boulangerie on the streets of Paris!!

The Gourmet Getaway Sweepstakes ends on August 15, 2014 and includes some sweet prizes.

The Hundred-Foot Journey Sweepstakes

Prizes include:

Grand Prize:  A trip for 2 to Paris courtesy of Delta Vacations + Dinner at the Eiffel Tower and Cruise (Ooh la la!) +  City excursions +  One day private cooking class at Le Cordon Bleu Paris + $1,000 World Market gift card
3 First Prizes: $500 World Market gift card

What an amazing Grand Prize package!!


So tell me…

which recipe tingles your taste buds already?

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    Those all sound like great recipes. I am looking forward to this movie.

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    This looks like a movie I’d like to see. And the trifle and hummus are both recipes I’d love to try.

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    This sounds like a great movie. The trifle sounds so good!

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    That berry ricotta crepe layer cake is calling my name. I think – scratch that – I KNOW we will definitely be having dessert with dinner with tonight.

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    I really want to see this movie, and the getaway sounds like so much fun! I love to bake and try out new recipes, and this makes me feel inspired!

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    I saw this movie on my recent LA press trip. It was amazing. That’s why I put up a recipe as well!

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    All of these recipes look so tasty. I’m a big hummus fan, so that’s the first recipe I’m going to make. I can’t wait to see this movie as well. Helen Mirren is just amazing.

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    i am really looking forward to this movie. i hope its as good as all the promotion. i need a new fav film!

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    I want to see this so bad! That trip looks like a once in a lifetime opportunity. Amazing!

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    Oh man, I want to go to Paris! Sounds like the trip of a lifetime!

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    These recipes sound divine and this trip is the trip of a lifetime, I would love to win!

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    The berry ricotta cake is so etching I’d like to try! I need to see the Hundred Foot Journey!

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    That chai coconut ice cream sounds delicious!

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    The berry ricotta crepe layer cake needs to be made in my home now lol :) Seriously, all these recipes look great and I may take sometime this weekend to try a few. I’d love to win and fly away to Paris!

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    These dessrts sounds great! I cannot wait for the movie to come out, looks good.

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    My 4 1/2 year old little girl loves hummus, I’d def try that one out for her. I’d love any of them, they all sound delish!

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    I can’t wait to see this movie and try some of the recipes inspired by it. I love Indian food and Indian inspired food.

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    Angela S says:

    I am such a foodie and am really looking forward to seeing this. A trip to Paris would be a dream come true!

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    YUM they all sounds so yummy! I think the first thing I want to try is the Berry-Ricotta Crepe Layer Cake!

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    That ice cream with ginger snap sounds amazing! I love a good hummus too!

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    That all sounds great! Looks like it would be a great trip

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    I can’t wait to see this movie also. What a great sweepstakes. Good luck to everyone that enters! The Chai Coconut Ice Cream with Curry-Chocolate & Ginger Snap Ripple would be the one I would want to try first too!

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    I really can’t wait to see this movie. A trip to Paris would be so wonderful!

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    I’ve seen the previews and this movie looks like such a good movie! I would love to win a trip to Paris!

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    Mmm…a Berry-Ricotta Crepe Layer Cake? Yes, please! Sounds decadent and delicious!

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    I’ve been hearing a lot about this movie. Hopefully it comes to a theater near me. Thanks for letting me know about the giveaway!

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    I’d love to try those frites! Sounds like an amazing menu (and movie!)

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    I’m gonna have to see if Cost a Plus World market has Portuguese specialties too. Looks like a great place to shop.

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    These recipes look really yummy. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie.

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    I cannot wait to see this movie!! I have a World Market buy me now will get over there and see what they are doing in the store.

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    Is the contest one time only, or daily? Never mind, I’ll look at the rules. :) I think it’s fun to make movie-inspired recipes.

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    I haven’t heard of this movie but now I’m curious. Also I think I would try each one at least once but I am known as the world’s pickest eater over the age of 3. :) My kids would so love trying Indian food.

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