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Pssst…come on over.
Yeah you!


Have you heard of the Smart Style Guide, the new fashion and style site that has a vault full of beauty and fashion tips?

All the secrets have been unveiled here and no you don’t have to pay a cent to access this information, you can read it all for free.


I was excited to find a dedicated set of articles on what sort of hairstyle would shape my face shape. (Something that came in perfect timing as I’m due to snip of my locks later this week). The mini article I just read doesn’t just stop with advising what hair style would work best for my oval shaped face but also tells me what I need to do to style and maintain the same.


I’ve also found an article on how to make my own (or even Bunny girl’s) headbands and how I can “pretty up” my hair with such a single accessory.



I know I’ve been hovering around the hair tab quite a bit. I will shift over to checking out the articles later but right now I just found another great one on how to curl one’s hair using a sock!

Really? Wow!



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