Self Storage Facilities Make Sense!

Over a year ago, a friend was offered a job in another city and had to move with his family in less than two months if he planned to accept the offer. While the offer was lucrative, the problem lay in moving all their belongings from city A to city B.


They sold the things they didn’t need, shipped the stuff they did and then fretted looking at the antique family heirlooms his parents had passed onto him that could not be sold or shipped to where they were to be moving. In the end they made the pocket crunching decision to not sell their home and stash away these “treasures” till they knew what to do next!


If only they had Uncle Bob’s Self Storage close by, it would have made a lot of things easier for them.


Contrary to what many people think, storing stuff away at a facility does work out to be more economical than storing everything in a home that really needs to get sold.

If you’re facing a moving situation, check on the self storage specials, you just may find a great deal in your state.


After weighing out the pros and cons you will see that self storage facilities do make sense in the long run!


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