Pay It Forward

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Sometimes as bloggers we get wrapped up in numbers and stats and posting about the most popular trend faster than our competitors. We forget why we started blogging to begin with and focus on being the biggest and the best and the smartest and the most popular. I began blogging because I wanted a hobby that would be fun and interactive with others online. I didn’t know at that time that I would make some wonderful friends and meet some of the most interesting – and caring – people. I must say that my blogging has become more of an endeavor into helping my family improve our lives and sharing that adventure with the world.


Life is Good to Me


My blog has really taken off and I’m so proud of the time and energy and hard work that I have put into it. I see new bloggers every day looking to improve their own lives through blogging and I am often in awe of their experiences and their willingness to give back. From Day One of blogging, I knew I wanted to be a “giver” especially to those bloggers who inspired and supported me when I was pondering whether to start a blog, but also to those who wanted to start blogging, but did not have the same support.


Moving Up and Passing it On


I started a weekly blog hop called the Newbie Blog Hop where a group of new bloggers all worked together to promote and support each other. We would chat about the ins and outs of blogging, parenting while blogging, and eventually monetizing our blogs. I received a lot of new traffic and ideas from the group and I have met some amazing newbies who have zoomed right past me to become awesome bloggers. I am getting ready to pass along this weekly hop to a new leader as I grow and become busier. The group is really about newbies supporting newbies and this is my way of paying it forward to those just starting out.


Pay It Forward


Now that I have monetized my blog and have also evolved into a review blogger, I am thinking of ways to further pay it forward to the bloggers who inspire me and to the companies who support me. I would like to share with you five simple ways that you can pay it forward as well.


1. Give your fellow bloggers a Pay It Forward badge.


This badge was created by Chris at From the Bungalow and Heather at My Husband Ate My Ice Cream as a way to show some love to fellow bloggers. We all know that quality incoming links from other blogs can help improve our stats so this is a great way to Pay it Forward to another blogger who may need an extra boost. You may also use this as a chance to tell your readers about some other blogs that might interest them. While you’re at it, why not link to an actual post rather than just the blog’s homepage. There is nothing more exciting than opening up your comments and finding a pingback from another blogger on a post that you have written.


Good Bloggers Pay It Forward


2. Share a link with your readers.


This one is really very simple. If you are anything like me, you likely read blogs all of the time. Sometimes you are reading them because they caught your eye or they are part of your daily “must read” blog list. You may be reading so you can comment as a “blog chore” or you may have just come across a blog post that caught your eye. When you finish reading, leave a comment and then click those really cool, super easy SHARE buttons that are pasted all over. “Like” the post or share it on Facebook, tag the blog page in your share, Tweet it to your followers and use the blog’s @ handle, or click that +1 button (here a hint: if you hover over the +1 after clicking it, you are given the option to share as well!). Whatever you do, share the love, and don’t just read and run.


3. Give an entry to a friend.


Those of us who run giveaways often (and even those who run them less frequently) always have the freedom to set the number of entries we can offer to our readers who are entering to win. When you’re filling out your Rafflecopter form (or Giveaway Tools or PromoSimple or whatever widget you are using) or typing out the options for a comment contest, why not add in a fellow blogger’s follow method as well. I have done this with newbie bloggers in the past and it’s sometimes fun to see a comment in a Facebook group from a blogger that they gained a ton of new Facebook followers overnight and they are not sure where it is coming from.


4. Write a spontaneous guest post.


When we think about guest posts, sometimes we think about incoming links to our blogs or some type of self promotion ulterior motive, but why not write one “just because”? There are times when I wish that I had the time and energy to write those funny holiday posts or a new safety post that fits the season, but I’m swamped with writing reviews or putting together a giveaway. You may get wrapped up in a campaign or have a family emergency that takes you away from writing for a few days. Wouldn’t it be nice to stop in and check your email and find a fully written post ready to copy and paste into your blog? If you’re really feeling generous, code the html and include images (don’t forget to title it) and send it to your friend. Be sure the blogger knows they are not obligated to post it if they do not feel it is a good fit and if they aren’t going to post it, just forward it on to the next person!


5. Share the Swag.


Sometimes I receive perks or products for review or as a gift for posting about a company and I either can’t use them, won’t use them, or I have used them and they are still good for others to use (okay, I’m thinking books on that last one). Anytime I have something that can still benefit someone, I start thinking of who could use it so I can pass it along. An inspirational blogger I know recently had an overnight hotel stay that she had won and her family was not able to take the mini-vacation on the dates on the vouchers. This blogger posted in a couple of Facebook groups that anyone who could use them was welcome to have them. There were a handful of people who were interested so she just held a small raffle (you know, torn paper in a hat and her child picked the name) and another blogger was able to benefit from the voucher! She could have let those vouchers expire and just let it go, but she was thinking of others and that is the true meaning of Pay It Forward.



How can you Pay It Forward today or in the coming weeks?



Going Crazy!! Wanna Go?? is home to Janet, a full time work outside the home mommy of one fast and furious four year old. She rambles about life and stuff at GoingCrazy!! WannaGo??!! She also talks some about her passion, child safety, reviews family friendly products, and hosts giveaways.


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About Marina

Marina is the grateful, Texas-based, Mommy of a book-loving, 8 year old daughter, a 4 year old son who loves all things that fly and a serene 6 month old daughter. Her husband (and best friend) is her biggest support as she shares snippets from the awesome life God has blessed them with on Mommy Snippets.

What tides her through each day?...A hot cup of cardamom chai and Philippians 4:13!


  1. 1

    Thank you so much for posting my guest post. It really means a lot to me. :)
    JanetGoingCrazy recently posted..Summer Fun – Spontaneous Water Play {Wordless Wednesday}My Profile

  2. 2

    Such a great post about paying it forward. I think we as bloggers can do things like this a lot more. It is sad to see some bloggers who get so greedy and feel like there is not enough web space for all of us.
    CleverHousewife recently posted..New eBook Hits the Digital Shelves Today: Going Green With CleanMy Profile

    • 3

      Thank you CleverHousewife!! There is sooo much space for us ALL to join in and do good for others. This post just talks about helping other bloggers, but there could be just as many simple solutions to help us pay if forward to our readers as well.
      JanetGoingCrazy recently posted..Finding Humor in TravelingMy Profile

  3. 4

    Thank you so much for writing this post… The blog world can get awfully snarky and catty at times. But I think anytime you get a large amount of women working together, you’re bound to have a few groups who are still in high-school mean-girl mode, lol.

    But there are also AMAZING people here in the blogosphere – and I agree, I have made some amazing friends from blogging!

    I’m definitely a pay it forward type. I don’t see anyone as my competitor – I feel that the better we all get, the more respect bloggers will get in the big picture. Love your tips today – and hope it helps inspire others to find ways to give back too :)
    Meagan P – Sunshine and Sippy Cups recently posted..Has a Nurse Ever Saved the Day for You?My Profile

    • 5

      Meagan, this means a lot to me because you are a huge inspiration to me with your posts about kindness and especially Mom Bloggers for Social Good. As much as I love to market my own blog for traffic and attention, I love to also promote others and I would love to have the time and energy to do more good in my community. Basically, I want to be like you when I grow up. ;)
      JanetGoingCrazy recently posted..Crazy about Summer {Water Safety Tips}My Profile

  4. 6

    I love that you are doing this. I think a lot of bloggers forget how hard it was just starting out!

  5. 8

    What fantastic ideas! I love it!
    Ellen Christian recently posted..Win Allegra “Have it All Spring Allergy Kit”My Profile

  6. 9

    I love the idea of paying it forward. That is one sure why your readership will grow too. Thanks for these ideas!
    LaVonne recently posted..Baby Photos With Little Baby BumblebeeMy Profile

  7. 11

    I just love this idea! It sure is easy to get swept up into our own lives and blogs and forget to help others and give back.

  8. 13

    I love your list Janet! What I’ve definitely learned over the course of the last year blogging there are TONS of great people out there. Surround yourself with them, help one another and at the end of the day, remember that we’re all in this together! The blogging community can be a wonderful thing if we let it.
    Sarah recently posted..Moms Night Out For A Cause #PostCFKMy Profile

  9. 15

    This is great! Thanks, Janet!

  10. 17

    Wonderful post and very helpful! You have been a huge help to me in growing my blog!
    Valerie Johnson recently posted..HEB Printable Coupons!My Profile

  11. 19

    The concept of Paying it Forward is fantastic ….and your post commending it is really beautiful…so encouraging and motivating ….out there is a piece for everyone …xxx

  12. 22

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!! Paying it Forward means that it comes back to you 10 fold!! I agree with Meagan… sometimes things can get high schoolish and snarky (unfortunately)! It’s great to know so many wonderful bloggers such as yourself and Marina that pay it forward!!
    Melissa Rheinlander recently posted..Cover Reveal: Caressed by a Crimson Moon by Amanda J GreeneMy Profile

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