Never Ending Pasta Bowl Promotion at Olive Garden (Review)


It’s unheard of! For 8.95 US$, can you really enjoy 42 pasta-sauce combinations (with unlimited servings) + unlimited soup/salad + unlimited bread-sticks??

Oh yes you can! …

I DID!!!


Olive Garden’s Never-Ending Pasta Bowl Promotion is back on popular demand and yes, it’s time for you to break into a happy dance because it’s as wholesome, delicious and very satisfying to a hungry belly and kind to the hubby’s wallet!


Olive Garden is a family favorite especially as Bunny girl, Bunny Boo and myself love pasta anything!

On our recent visit Hubby decided he’d experiment trying a non pasta dish with the Mixed Grill while the kids and I tried out the Never Ending Bowl Promotion.

Our meal began with the complimentary starters-the hot bread-sticks, crunchy fresh green salad sprinkled with a layer of Paremsan cheese goodness for Hubby and a Chicken Gnocchi soup (that was delicious) for myself. These were followed by our exciting entree picks- the Grill and our first pasta-sauce choice, the 5 Cheese marinara sauce on Fettucine.



The Meat Grill was a generously sized platter that included skewered steak and chicken chunks with a mix of vegetables, a treat for Hubby who loves a good grill any day!

Our 5 Cheese Marinara with Fettucine was a great choice as we enjoyed the flavors that had that mix of sweet-cheesy richness that was prominent but not overbearing.

Halfway through the meal the manager of the restaurant walked up to our table and suggested we tried the new pasta sauce- Roasted Mushroom Parmesan. We agreed and a few minutes later a smaller serving size than our first serving was brought to the table. (I love that they do this as it minimizes wastage especially as the customer, in all probability, is already stuffed with all the salad/soup and bread-stick appetizers plus the first round of entrees!) I will be honest that the distinct roasted mushroom flavor, though tasty, was not my favorite between the 2 options and we personally thought the 5 Cheese Marinara won our tummies’ vote of approval.


We were sadly too stuffed to try another pasta-sauce combination and decided we’d throw in our napkins for the day and maybe have a go at the other combinations on a later visit to the restaurant.

This promotion ends on October the 9th, 2011 so make sure you make a trip down to your local Olive Garden and treat yourself to an Italian Pasta Celebration. This is definitely worth the money you spend especially if you love pasta!


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    Can do the Mixed Grill because they make it gluten free :) – The gift card would come in handy!