My Back To School Staples Haul for 7/22-7/28


The Back to School deals are flooding the stores and though it hit me much later this year, I decided it was time to raid the stores.


No, my 6 year old does not need all that I buy. Nor do I intend to stash the supplies away in my dedicated deals room. {no pun intended to the Extreme Couponing show!} But our local home for abused children does need extra school supplies for the kids. So, yes the extras will go to homes that need them.


This week (7/22-7/28), Staples has some sweet deals.

You will need to pay upfront for everything pictured in my haul. But after rebates you will only pay, out of pocket, 27 cents!



The Break Down…


1. 8.5 x 11 Multi-purpose paper (Brand-Staples) – Maxm 2 per household

Price: 6.99 US$ – 5.99 US$ Rebate = 1 US$ out of pocket


2. 8.5 x 11 Everyday photo paper (Brand-HP)

Price: 9.99 US$ – 8.99 US$ Rebate = 1 US$ out of pocket


3. Zebra Mechanical Pencils: Pack of 10

Price: 4 US$ – 4 US$ Rebate = 0 US$ out of pocket


4. Pentel Pens: Pack of 5

Price: 4 US$ – 4 US$ Rebate = 0 US$ out of pocket


5. Cap Erasers : 12 per pack (Brand- Staples) x 2 – Minm 5 US$ purchase required

Price: 0.01 US$ out of pocket


6. Index Cards : 3″ x 5″: 100 per pack (Brand- Staples) x 2 – Minm 5 US$ purchase required

Price: Price: 0.01 US$ out of pocket


And use the 5$ off 30$ coupon on your purchase to reel in those additional savings.



Once you bring your haul back home, you can submit the rebates online on the Staples Easy Rebates site.


So yes, after your rebate comes in, you would be spending a total of 27 cents (including taxes)only…

a definite stellar deal!


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  1. 1

    I thought about the paper and photo paper, but opted not to do it (donation is a great idea – even to school). Today I submitted my Easy Rebates online and after that comes back my total cost will be 68 cents thanks to taxes.

  2. 2

    I bought everything you did, except for the photo paper and I just submitted my rebates today. I love shopping at Staples for their school deals. I go every week.

  3. 3

    Wow! Great buys… thanks for the info.

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