Love-Clean Your Home! (Week 2- 30 Day Giving Challenge 2011)

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Many of us spring clean (and fall clean) our homes. We’re in a hurry to get rid of our old possessions to make space for the new. Many a times we throw out things that have hardly been used only because we’ve perhaps just become bored with seeing it lie around…things that have now become of no value to us.

But did you know that something that has little value to you CAN be something of great worth to someone else?


This week I’m encouraging you to join my family as we go through our home and look for things we can give away that can bless someone else. (I know my post is 2 days later than when I’d promised…but it’s not too late to start Love-Cleaning!!)

I’m not asking you to just give away things that have been used to the bone but I’m asking you to take it a step higher. Give away things that you are not really an essential to you or your family, something you can live without that you know can be really useful to someone in need.


When we “Love-Clean” our home we make it a family activity. We first sit down and pray, asking God to help us find things that can be a blessing to the recipient and that He give us the grace not to be clingy or sentimental as we go on our “hunt”!


Week 2: Giving Log 


This week I’ve highlighted seven recipients of our “Love-Clean” treasures this week.


1. Salvation Army


The Salvation Army accepts used goods of any sort-furniture, books, clothes, toys, household articles…anything. It should just be something that can be sold in their Thrift Store to raise funds to support their Adult Rehabilitation Programs. It’s sad to see how packed these Centers are. Old men and women who’ve been rejected by families, people who have no place to go.

We may not be making a big difference in these people’s lives but every little bit adds up!


2. The Ronald McDonald House


We generally save our very gently used toys and games for the Ronald McDonald House as they need to stay be in good shape atleast a good several months after they’re received by the House. There are families who need to have their children in the hospital for long periods of time and the House serves to be a home away from home for the patient’s siblings, parents and loved ones.



3. Local home for abused children


One of the local homes is hosting a huge fund-raiser this weekend and they’ve requested donations for their auctions. (Yes, used goods as well) This evening Bunny girl and I will be doing a love-clean of her room and we’re hoping to rake out a sizeable amount of toys, books and dvds to help with the fund-raiser.

The plight of abused children is one that weighs heavily on my heart and as a family we’ve decided that is one cause we need to support in whatever way we can.



4. Local library


Our local library has been such a blessing to Bunny girl. Her love for books has been fueled by the awesome collection of books they hold. We’ve been faithful library members since Bunny girl was 18 months old and no, we haven’t had to pay a single penny to enjoy their services…it’s all free. So when we outgrow books and DVDs from our home library we take them down to our library and donate the same for other little ones to enjoy. (It’s always fun to see a book or DVD we once owned sitting on the racks or being checked out by another little child!)



5. Friends/family


Baby gear, baby clothes and baby what nots are not always reasonably priced. We’ve found Bunny Boo’s outgrown toys and baby gear have always been excitedly received by friends who’ve just had babies. Their genuine happiness makes saving all the stuff worth the while!



6. Church missions


Churches generally support a number of really great causes.

Our church supports a missionary who works down in Mexico with a local orphanage. The children’s outgrown clothes, shoes and toys are also kept aside for the children there.



7. Pet shelters


I know you’ve raised your eyebrow on this one but God has said in the Word that we need to take care of animals too. I never did did think they accepted donations in kind till recently. Our local Pet Shelter put out a list asking for old towels, blankets and newspapers especially as the weather is beginning to get nippy and lining the animal’s cages with the same will help keep them warmer.

We’ve always taken our newspapers to the recycling center but ever since we read the request we’ve kept our papers aside for the Animal Shelter.



Will you share how you plan to GIVE this week?

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    Great reminders! We have a few big bags of things we’re taking to the Salvation Army and the Library!

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    Thanks for the ideas we will also do the pet shelter one for our list.