Celebrating Easter with the Little Angels {+ A #RomasLittleAngelsEaster Sweeps}



Our children are so blessed to live in a day and time where the educational resources available to them incorporate so much life and interest. And as a parent who understands the importance of teaching God’s Word, the Bible to my children at a young age, I leap excitedly when I find resources that also incorporate the Word of God into the mix.


With Roma Downey’s Little Angels collection, your child doesn’t just learn his/her ABCs, 123s and/or Animals but also learn stories from the Bible and lessons that help mold their little spirits to be the little people God wants them to be. You have to watch the DVDs to understand what I mean when I say God has done such a good work with the Little Angels.


My children love the Angels and were thrilled to find out that we were going to have Little Angels treats at their Easter party at a friend’s place.

My friend ofcourse was over the moon. Both she and another buddy have borrowed our DVDs and all 3 of us being Moms that value quality, educational entertainment that ties in the Christian values and foundation we stand on, saw this as a fantastic opportunity to introduce the Little Angels to other families present.


The evening began with the kids listening to why we celebrate Easter using Resurrection Eggs.

This was followed by crazy egg-cracking fun with Cascarones {Confetti Eggs} splattered on heads of both young and old and then a little fuel for their tummies with yummy Easter edible goodies.

By the time the kids had licked their plates clean they were raring to go on their Easter Egg hunt in the backyard.



There were a total of 8 children {plus their parents} at the party , the youngest being Bunny Boo, so it was so nice to hear the shrieks, giggles and screams echoing from one end of the backyard to the other. Bunny Boo was in his element and somehow thought the hunt ends once you find 1 egg, so sat happily on the side playing with his solitary egg.

{Mama ofcourse made sure she gathered up a few more else he’d try to elbow a few out of poor Bunny girl’s basket once we got home!}


One of the highlights of the evening was seeing the look on the kids faces when they saw a side table laden with the Little Angels goodies- DVDs, Peanut Butter & Jelly Gluten free popcorn, Easter Cards, Activity Sheets, Coloring Pages , Easter Candy and Little Angels Wall Decals!

What a blessing!!



I’m not sure who was more thrilled…the mothers or the kids as we had 2 Mommies profusely thank us for the generous treat sacks the team had provided our party with.

It helped end the kids party on such a high note and honestly, I was so honored to have had the opportunity to share this with my friends and their buddies.


If you haven’t watched, listened to or enjoyed Little Angels DVDs, CDs or even their apps, I highly recommend getting your hands on the same.

{ Here’s a 3.00$  off coupon for the DVDs on My Coupons in the Home Entertainment section}

These are definitely worth the investment and will be a blessing not just to your little one but to you too.

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    The Little Angels Animals!

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    Any of them I’m sure but of course The Little Angels Animals would the favorite. Thanks for asking

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    Dianna Thomas says:

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    the animals one!

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    My little one would enjoy the Little angels animals

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    little angels animals

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    crystle tellerday says:


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    My daughter is 5 months old, so I don’t think she’d have a preference yet. :)

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    Little Angels Animals!

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    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

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