Almost Wordless Wednesday: Gender Reveal!

This past Friday, while the kids were at school, Hubs and I visited my OBG for my detailed ultrasound scan. We were told we would possibly find out if we were having another daughter or another son if our little one cooperated during the scan.

To be honest it didn’t matter to us but our  daughter wanted a little sister and our son a little brother, so we needed to know to help one of them get excited about his/her sibling’s arrival in February.


Our little one was a wiggly bundle throughout the scan so it was a little hard initially to make out anything. But before the session was through, we got a good look, several times through…

to make sure!

Baby 3 Gender Reveal

We decided we’d wait till Hubs got out of work that evening and did a family huddle to do a fun gender reveal with cupcakes.

This was not an easy task as I had less than an hour after the OBG’s check up to rush, pick up my preschooler, get home for about 30 minutes and then rush back out to pick up my 2nd grader.

After a lot of thought, I figured the easiest route to take would be vanilla cupcakes with the appropriate colored filling to do the reveal.

And thanks to Hobby Lobby being close by, a quick trip to the store to pick up a cupcake scoop-out gadget was possible!


So yeah, my doughnut cupcakes were made right after I picked my son up and before heading out to get my daughter. (I call them that because I used a recipe I’ve never tried before and possibly would not try again, because my cupcakes were more doughnut textured…yummy but not really very cupcake-y. Lazy me should have stuck to my good ol’ vanilla cupcake recipe that never fails!)

Gender Reveal

They were filled with the appropriate colored filling, topped with melted Lindt white chocolate and garnished with fine milk chocolate shavings on top, while the kids were watching the tele!

The hard part was making the kids wait till Dad walked through that front door.

Oh the torture!!

Gender Reveal Cupcakes

Three and a half hours later when Hubs finally got home, the kids could not wait till after dinner to find out.

So we got everyone to sit at the dining table, served the cupcakes and prayed, thanking God for the baby He’d chosen to bless our family with.

It was then time to take a bite, after doing a quick (really quick!) countdown.

After a few bites, the kids reached the center and learnt that they’ll be welcoming ….

The kids aren't too excited about frosting so each cupcake was filled with organic strawberry preserves

The kids aren’t too excited about frosting so each cupcake was filled with organic strawberry preserves

a baby SISTER!!

Yes, the LORD is blessing us with another daughter and I have a wonderful testimony to share about that too.

But not today. (Keep checking back for that.)


We’re so thankful…

God has been so good.

Baby Girl


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  1. 1

    Aww! Congratulations!

  2. 2

    YAYYY!!!! I am so excited for you guys! (I would be either way, though!)

    PSST: Sara is a nice name! ;)

  3. 4
    Carolyn G says:


  4. 5

    Congratulations! Your gender reveal was fantastic, and how did you wind up with kids who aren’t big on frosting? That is just amazing to me!

  5. 6

    Congratulations! Such a fun way to get the older siblings excited!

  6. 7

    Ohhhh that’s fantastic!! Congratulations!!

  7. 8

    What a fun way to announce to the kids!! Congratulations!!! :-)

  8. 9

    Aww, adorable! Congratulations!!!

  9. 10

    Ohh that is so exciting! Congratulations!!

  10. 11

    Hooray, hooray! Congrats!

  11. 12

    Awww Congrats!!

  12. 13

    What an absolutely darling gender reveal! Congrats!

  13. 14

    Congrats on a sweet little baby girl!!!

  14. 15

    Congratulations! This is such a cute way to share with siblings and make it special!

  15. 16

    Congratulations on your newest addition! I’m due with our second daughter in December.

  16. 17

    Congratulations on your PINK news! What a wonderful way to share the news with the family!

  17. 18

    Congrats! Little girls are a handful, but a lot of fun!!

  18. 19

    If your daughter is anything like mine, she’s thrilled. She can’t WAIT to dress her baby sister up like a doll. She keeps coming out with her baby doll clothes and asking if it will fit the baby. Congrats to you!!

  19. 20

    How exciting! Congrats! at least one of the kids got what they requested in a sibling. :)

  20. 21

    Congratulations on another little girl! So exciting.

  21. 22

    Congrats!! Cute gender reveal!

  22. 23

    What a fun way to do a gender reveal with children! You can never go wrong with cupcakes. :D

  23. 24

    Yay! Congrats! I’d love to say girls are great but with all boys I have no advice- just a little jealousy lol Have fun with all the pink!

  24. 25

    Congratulations! That is such wonderful news! I feel so blessed to have met you at Disney Social Media Moms this year. I’m so happy for you and your beautiful family. :)

  25. 26

    Congratulations on another girl! I hope your son wasn’t too disappointed. ;-)

  26. 27
    amanda whitley says:

    congrats,thats such a cute way of revealing the gender!!

  27. 28

    Such a cute idea. I wish I had done something cute like this. Congrats to your family.

  28. 29

    Congrats! I wish you and baby girl all the best. I love how you revealed the gender to your family.

  29. 30


  30. 31

    Congrats on your sweet baby girl and what an creative way to reveal to you kids!

  31. 32

    What a fun idea! ….and congratulations on your new daughter!

  32. 33

    Congratulations! How exciting!

  33. 34

    What a fun way to reveal the gender! Congrats on your new daughter!

  34. 35
    Rebecca Parsons says:

    That is such a cute idea. I went to a gender reveal baby shower and everything was hidden till she mommy to be arrived. She was the last to know what she was having but that is how she wanted it..

  35. 36

    Such happy news. Congrats on the new baby girl. Cute way to announce it

  36. 37
    Jan Messali says:

    How fun! I’ve never heard of anyone doing a gender reveal ‘party’ for their kids. I’ll bet they loved it. Congrats on the new baby girl. :)

  37. 38
    Cathy Alger says:

    Congrats!! I love the idea of gender revealed parties. A friend of mine is expecting a grandson they had a lil party a few weeks ago to reveal the gender

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