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It’s the movie everyone is talking about.

From the makers of Fireproof comes another fantastic inspirational- Courageous.

Four men, one calling: To serve and protect. As law enforcement officers, Adam Mitchell, Nathan Hayes, David Thomson, and Shane Fuller are confident and focused. Yet at the end of the day, they face a challenge that none of them are truly prepared to tackle: fatherhood.

While they consistently give their best on the job, good enough seems to be all they can muster as dads. But they’re quickly discovering that their standard is missing the mark. When tragedy hits home, these men are left wrestling with their hopes, their fears, their faith, and their fathering. Can a newfound urgency help these dads draw closer to God … and to their children?

Riveted moviegoers will once again find themselves laughing, crying, and cheering as they are challenged and inspired by everyday heroes who long to be the kinds of dads that make a lifelong impact on their children.



If you haven’t watched this one yet, click to find a theater near you that’s playing the same. This is one movie that will impact the lives of Dads and Moms alike.


To celebrate the release of this movie, DaySpring is sponsoring a Courageous themed gift pack that will include an 8 x 10 inch “The Resolution” Frame Ready print.


MSRP: 9.99 US$

A visible reminder of a father’s list of commitments to his family as the spiritual head and leader God has ordained him to be


and a set of ten Courage inspired encouragement cards for men.


MSRP:25.35 US$

This beautiful collection includes a birthday card for your husband and a “just because” card to say how much he means to you. 


What a wonderful way to inspire the men in our lives!



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One reader will win a Courageous Gift  Pack 



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About Marina

Marina is the grateful, Texas-based, Mommy of a book-loving, 9 year old daughter, a 5 year old son who loves all things that fly and a serene 1 year old daughter. Her husband (and best friend) is her biggest support as she shares snippets from the awesome life God has blessed them with on Mommy Snippets.

What tides her through each day?...A hot cup of cardamom chai and Philippians 4:13!


  1. 1
    Stephanie G says:

    I thank God for my husband because he loves me in spite of all of my faults and he is the most wonderful father to our children!

  2. 2

    I love my husband for being him. We have been married for 30 years and have been through many things good and bad together. Forgiveness is the key to marriage. We all have our faults and good things about us. Rita

  3. 3
    Christina Burrell says:

    My husband is full of integrity and loves our family with such an unselfish love.

  4. 4

    I thank God for my husbands kind heart

  5. 5

    My husband always makes me laugh and brings me up when things are bad..I thank God that he is always there through good times and bad.

  6. 6

    my husband and i have been married for 35 years. 3 years ago i suffered a brain anuerism and was in a coma for 3 weeks. he came to the hospital 3 times a day and sat by my bedside holding my hand. i went back to work after 3 months & had no long term effects! life is grand! he is the best! we just have a great time being together and being in love!

  7. 7

    I thank God for my husband and father because they are the most wonderful men i’ve ever known.

  8. 8
    Donna Marie says:

    My husband is truly the backbone of our family. I have no idea what any of us would do without him.

  9. 9
    Jen Shirley says:

    I thank God that my husband is loyal and a hard worker

  10. 10
    Melanie Mervin says:

    I thank God all the time for my husband. He provides & takes care of his family & we couldn’t make it in this crazy world without him!

  11. 11
    wendy wallach says:

    I thank G-d that my husband looks at me and sees beauty in the areas that i see imperfection.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  12. 12

    I thank God for my husband. He is loyal and he works hard to provide for his family.

  13. 13

    I am 14 weeks pregnant right now and have been sick with this pregnancy. My husband has picked up so much slack and has just stepped in so many times when I was feeling sick. I praise the LORD for such a wonderful man. Today is our 5 year wedding anniversary and I am so grateful to God for this man. :)

  14. 14
    Diane Giese says:

    My husband knows me better than anyone and loves me anyway.

  15. 15
    mary fallon says:

    My dad is the one man who has always been there for me no matter what i am doing, who i am with and where i am, i respect him so much and appreciate all the hard work he did for me to be the person i am today…

  16. 16

    I could tell you a million reasons I am thankful for my husband. His unconditional love, his patience, he is our provider, his love for my daughter, he is my best friend… and the list goes on and on :)

  17. 17

    I Thank God every day for My Husband who is taking Great care of US!

  18. 18
    Melissa Wilson says:

    My hubby works swing shift, he works all the overtime that is offered, just so that i can stay at home with our boys, im VERY thankful that i am able to stay home with our children and that he works so hard!!

  19. 19

    i’m so thankful for the sacrifices my husband has made so i can stay home with our children.

  20. 20
    Jennifer Clay says:

    I thank God for my husband because he works all day long every day to provide for me and our children.

  21. 21

    I’m so grateful to God for my husband because each new day with him is full of new joy & adventure even after celebrating 42 years of marriage last month. Of course, we had bumps in the road along the way as all couples do, but since the moment we took our vows we knew we were a team that would face whatever came our way. Like a fine wine, he gets better and better with age. We are blessed with 2 grown children who deeply love & admire their Dad and we’re overjoyed with our 2 little granddaughters! :-)

  22. 22

    how hard he works to provide for us.

    pjames330 at aol dot com