Spring Publications from HarperCollins

Harper Collins (4)

Books play a huge role in my children's lives and most often than not, every birthday, Christmas and Easter will involve book gifts for all three kids. Books remain an investment my husband and I willingly sow into. Hence when partnering with publishers like HarperCollins to review their newest children's books, I can't help but grin madly in competition with the Cheshire Cat. I do recognize that the gift of reading is to be shared and as a … [Read more...]

The Beginner’s Bible celebrates its 25th Anniversary {+ Giveaway}

The Beginner's Bible (10)

One of the first Bibles Dottie received was The Beginners Bible. It remained the Bible she would read faithfully, till she received her 'big kids' NKJV Bible the day she decided she wanted to get baptized. Till earlier last year, it sat on the platform waiting for little fingers to skim through it again. Little Man soon pulled it out and it became his, even though it had a few pages falling off due to constant use. Hubs and I agreed that it … [Read more...]

Give Mom or Dad the gift of an Audible subscription

Joyce Meyer

I love books. I've loved books ever since I was a little girl. I guess that's something I really miss being able to do as a Mom... at least right now. To me, sitting down and reading a book from page 1 till the end is a luxury. Right now I can do a few pages at a time, when I can, but a whole book would be a treat! I have a library filled with books on my must-read list and yes, that list is growing as the days roll on by!! Give Mom or … [Read more...]

October’s Featured Books from Zonderkidz

Zonderkidz (3)

This past Sunday, our Childrens' Church invited a local police officer to share how he trusts God to guide and protect him each day. It was good for the kids to hear how he puts his faith into action. I love that Zonderkidz has life-story inspirational books for our young kids. My 8 year old loved reading Bethany Hamilton's Body and Soul and Gaby Douglas' Raising the Bar over the summer. And this month read Billy Graham's story: The Prophet … [Read more...]

Raising Brave Girls in God’s Word, for this world.{+ Brave Girls Bible Stories Giveaway}

Brave Girls

If you ask my daughter to tell you who her favorite Bible person is, she will answer, without any hesitation, Esther. There's something about Esther's life that has struck a chord in my daughter's spirit and I love that. As a Mom, I pray, like Esther, my daughter will be able to live out her life's calling with boldness and faith. Raising daughters (and sons too) in today's world is not easy. There's so much out there that dilutes family … [Read more...]

Orange Marmalade Nut Muffins and Paddington

Orange Marmalade Nut Muffins and Paddington (7)

In our home, marmalade is synonymous with the little bear with a big personality, Paddington. Marmalade is something you generally have to develop a taste for. While my son took to it quickly, my daughter, well, has had quite a love-hate relationship with the same. (I can see Paddington cringing!) When something like this happens I try hiding the flavors in a treat she loves and see if that changes her mind on things. Thus, the birth of my … [Read more...]

Going back to school with HarperCollins books

Harper Collins Publishers

Encouraging a new reader is so important to motivate him/her to develop a lifetime love for reading. HarperCollins has recently published Dr Julie Wood's  Learn to Read with Tug the Pup and Friends box sets that will help do just that. Each box set holds 11 learn-to-read books and a parent's guide with ideas on how to make the reading journey fun for your young reader. The guide includes reward stickers for your child as well. Each … [Read more...]

Role models for our daughters.

Pick your role models wisely

I'm thankful for the people God has put in our lives. While we may not be able to learn from all of them, there will be a few that will stand out in character, speech and personality... the ones that shine their light a little brighter.    Role models for our daughters.   My daughter is blessed to have a wonderful role model in a close friend of the family. She has just begun college and is an exemplary student, a loving … [Read more...]