Food ideas for an Insect or Bug themed party

Food ideas for an Insect or Bug themed party- Mommy Snippets

  When Little Man announced he wanted an Insect themed party at his small birthday get-together with a few close friends, I was secretly excited. I knew we could have some fun with the theme especially when it came to the food. Since we chose to do this at our local Birding Center, the theme couldn't have been more perfect as the staff promised they would solely focus on insect themed activities, to tie everything perfectly … [Read more...]

5 ways to keep your kids healthy this summer. (#HealthyCampers)

5 ways to keep your kids healthy this summer.-Mommy Snippets

With a good long summer break ahead of the kids, I'm sure there's lots planned from trips to the beach, nature treks, museum outings, summer camps, swimming dates and theme park stops. The kids will be around a bunch of other kids and the last thing you would want is your child coming home with something viral. While you can't avoid the cold bug and icky germs, you can do your best to prevent the same by equipping your child with 5 … [Read more...]

How to throw a Disney Cars themed party at school. (3 musts!)

How to throw a Disney Cars themed party at school- Mommy Snippets

When my son turned 4 he asked if he could have a Disney Cars themed party at his preschool. I knew we had a teeny bit of a challenge considering we couldn't go all out with themed food et al as it was to be hosted within a specified period of time and it had to be class contained. I chose the easy route and ordered all the Disney Cars party supplies online. (The only things that didn't come from the site were the pizza, the juice and the … [Read more...]

Let Light Lead The Way (What to include in your lighting plan)


When you move into a new home, lighting should be a priority. And it’s not just a question of buying some table lamps and plugging them in. Otherwise you can end up with rooms that are too dark to read in, others that were so bright visitors needed sun visors, and a kitchen where you can’t find anything after the sun went down!  Planning the lighting is crucial to making it feel warm, welcoming and above all, light! One thing you could do … [Read more...]

An excited Tommee Mommee! {#TommeeTippee}

Tommee Tippee

Becoming a Mom has been life-changing for me. The past 8 years have been packed with so many life lessons, laughter, accomplishments, challenges and yes, even a few tears. I definitely don't have Mommy-hood perfected but I'm definitely wiser and can admit I'm a little more experienced in Mommy stuff, thanks to my 3 blessings.   With each child, I have learned to short list baby brands that have stood the Mommy test of time  and … [Read more...]

10 Travel Snacks for Toddlers

10 Travel Snacks for Toddlers

Eating healthy is always a priority in our home. Sure we cheat here and there but ensuring our kids eat nourishing food is always something we, as parents, strive to provide. As you know, we love to travel and irrespective of how long the journey may be, one of our kids will always be hungry. Now with summer right around the corner and tons of road trips planned, I thought I would help you plan some worthwhile travel snacks to carry along … [Read more...]

10 Breakfast Ideas (With Recipes)

10 Breakfast Ideas (With Recipes)

This post was created in partnership with Quaker. All thoughts and opinions are my own. . Mornings are generally rushed but we have a rule that everyone must sit down and eat something for breakfast paired with a glass of milk. This is something my mother would do for me, growing up. My husband would skip breakfasts while in college so it took some time for him to get used to sitting down and eating a  good breakfast, every day, right after we … [Read more...]