Encouraging a child to make a difference

You are never too young to make a difference

I love that my children love to dream. The hows and whys are never thought about. They just dream of achieving something and hold onto that hope. While all that is wished for cannot be practically put into motion, there are those little seed dreams we can water. I strongly believe that a child is never to young to make a difference in the world and it's our responsibility, as parents, to encourage that drive when we see it slowly … [Read more...]

Helpful advice, for Moms, for the new school year!

Helpful advice for Moms, for the new school year!

A new school year can be stressful on kids but just as hard on Mom too. (Yes, Dad you're included in this. I'm just using "Mom" as a representative here.) Three months of summer vacation can throw any solid school routine out of the window and when a new school year begins you feel just as lost as your child! So here's some helpful advice, for Moms, for the new school year...   1. Shop smart and don't spend a bomb on … [Read more...]

3 things to remember, for your Texas baby, this Fall.

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We're heading into the last quarter of the year and here in Texas it's "hot as a boiling pot!" (Something my 8 year old coined up!)It looks like we will have quite some time to wait before cooler weather rolls in. And if it will be anything like last year, Fall will just be a warmer, less than killer, version of summer. Whew, thank God for air-conditioning!So here's some Mommy-to-Mommy advice for y'all...3 things to remember, for your Texas baby, … [Read more...]

5 ways your baby can have a more natural lifestyle.

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Becoming a parent has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me and Hubs. Our children complete us in a way we've never known and experienced. Every decision we make is weighed in thought and prayer because we know the outcomes don't affect us alone but our children too. When we had our first-born,  we made the choice to give her the best. This naturally followed when her brother was born and just recently, her little sister … [Read more...]

Are you encouraging your child to dream BIG?

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Our children are given to us to love, to build up and then go out and become world changers. They may not become front page features but if they're a blessing to their families, the people around them and the circles they move around in, then... they've become world changers. As parents it's important we encourage our children to live their lives to their full potential. Are you encouraging your child to dream big? 1. Help your … [Read more...]

5 ways to stimulate a baby.

5 ways to stimulate a baby- Mommy Snippets

My youngest just turned 5 months old and is such a treat to watch. The smallest of things intrigue her. Music calms her. Colors excite her. Certain foods bring out the raspberries with full blown force, so yes, this Mama is always prepared! I recognize the need to stimulate her... to encourage her to continue to want to explore, learn, absorb and take in all that is around her. It doesn't take a lot of effort but just a … [Read more...]

How to untangle matted hair on a doll. (Best hack ever!)

How to untangle matted hair on a doll   Best Hack Ever!

It all began last evening when my daughter moaned that she couldn't find a doll with manageable hair to practice braiding on. With all the years of playing, her dolls somehow forgot the importance of managing hair and all sat in a pail with happily matted hair. How to untangle matted hair on a doll: Best Hack Ever!   Thanks to the power of Google, there are more than just a handful of suggestions, solutions and tips out there to solve … [Read more...]