Easy to make #Valentines #Crafts with the #kids

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  This year, I've decided we're going the "creative" route for Bunny girl's Kinder class Valentine exchange. (Yes, thank you Pinterest!) There's only one problem...which one do we pick?   This is my top favorite right now... . but I also think this is super cute too...   . and this one of practical use to a little writer...     Oooh choices!!   For more inspiration, … [Read more...]

Is your kitchen “cozy” or “happy”?


  I'm a very "mousey" kind of person when it comes to colors around my home. I prefer the earth tones and warm maroons to shocking colors.   I can definitely see me whipping up a storm in these cozy immaculately clean surroundings   or even in here...   A dear friend of mine would cringe with the lack of color in my corner of culinary inspiration and would insist I bring vibrancy to the area … [Read more...]

Faith is…


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Have a Big Problem?


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Pinterest, how I love thee!


. Guess who just joined Pinterest yesterday? . . I still don't know why it took me so long to jump onboard.     You will have to excuse the absence of a few originally planned blog posts today. Honestly I'm not to blame, there's just such an ocean of fun stuff out there!!   P.S. If you don't have anything fun to check out today, come follow me on Pinterest and check out the pins I've put up so … [Read more...]