A Parents’ Back-To-School Checklist


August is just a few days away and I’m not ready for my kids to go back to school in less than a month’s time. Is it just me or do you feel like summer whizzed by way too quickly this year?

It’s time for me to get into prep-for-the-new-school-year mode!

In case you need a little checklist to help you stay on track, here’s one I put together.

We can do this, y’all!

A Parents' Back-To-School Checklist with Mommy Snippets

 A Parents’ Back-To-School Checklist


1. Schedule in a visit (for your child) to:

a. The paediatrician for a routine back-to-school check up

b. The dentist.

c. Get a haircut.

2. Get the new school year supply list and cross off what you can as the back-to-school deals come up.

3. Shop for new school year musts:

a. Uniforms/clothes (Don’t forget those coupons! ) And yes, the Coupons.com back to school sales.)

b. Clothing basics

c. Shoes

d. Backpack, lunch-bag, after school activity bag (If your child’s old bag(s) needs to retire.)

4. Get all the required paperwork in place for registration in the new school year (And mark that date on the calendar)

5. Take the kids on one last summer trip out or have a staycation or a backyard-cation. Make some more memories before the school year begins!


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Do you have any must-dos to add to Mom and Dad’s Back-To-School Checklist?

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  1. 1

    Not yet. We have not started going to school yet.

  2. 2

    Yup – you have it pretty well covered. Our dentist appointments don’t coincide with back to school, but they go after school every 6 months.

  3. 3

    Get some rest, as well as get in the last bit of fun before school begins! My husband has been teaching for many years, and we’re in crunch time now before he has to go back!

  4. 4

    Great back-to-school checklist. There’s so much we have to remember in the weeks leading up to a new school year!

  5. 5

    We have our back to school check up Wed and then our dentist appnt the following week. Not looking forward to getting clothes or school supplies.

  6. 6

    We got our haircut, but the dentist trip in RIGHT In the middle of Red’s first week. At least it’s only preschool!

  7. 7

    Great list. You got this under control.

  8. 9

    Having a list is so very important, it helps me be more organized, and more prepared for the school year.

  9. 10

    We’ve got our annual dentist appointment coming up soon. I dread it, but act like I don’t for the sake of the kids. They think it’s no big deal, so maybe it’s working,. 😉

  10. 11

    That about covers everything. Haircuts will be last minute to make sure they look good on the first day!

  11. 12

    A haircut is at the top of our list. My boys are all getting shaggy!

  12. 13

    Great list! This is our last week before school starts back! Super crazy busy!!!

  13. 14

    I think you pretty much covered everything that must be done before school starts back. We have lots of shopping to do. Great list!

  14. 15

    These are all great tips! It is going to be a busy back-to-school season for so many. These things may help them prioritize!

  15. 16

    So much to do before school. Wining the giveaway would help reduce the back to school bill.

  16. 17

    Thankfully kiddo does not go to a school that requires uniforms but they do have a dress code. I’ve been watching sales and making my list. I’ll be filling her backpack soon.

  17. 18

    Crazy registration is next week!!!!!! Where has the summer gone! Good list!

  18. 19

    I am ready! I have most of the stuff already, but I do have to get my son men;s size clothes for this year as he has grown so much! And a backpack that isn’t Transformers!

  19. 21

    I swear school starts earlier and earlier every year! Schools here in AZ start within the next few weeks. Great tips for every parent to remember.

  20. 22

    Great list.. thanks for sharing, we slowly have to make our list, too and see what we need to get and what still works from last year, so this will come in handy.

  21. 23

    Those are great tips… I especially need this for my youngest as she gets her last shot right before school starts… ha! It is already scheduled and we are ready. I love that you included hair cuts… great idea

  22. 24

    Great tips. Summer flew by our new homeschool, year starts next week!

  23. 25

    This is such a great list. It’s important to be ready and have all paperwork and appointments, but it’s also important to get that last hurrah in!

  24. 26

    I’m an empty nester so I don’t have to worry about back to school stuff. But I do pick up some things for my granddaughter. She be going to first grade next month.

  25. 27

    I hate going to the pediatricians, but I know it is inevitable. I need to bring my son tomorrow…boo!

  26. 28

    We always get a hair cut and a new outfit for the first day of school. The new outfit is a tradition my mom did with me as a kid and now I am carrying it on with my kids.

  27. 29

    I start buying school supplies as soon as they go on sale. There is so much to do before the kids start school. I have one starting college and one ending her last year of high school.

  28. 30

    I always forgot to put a haircut on my kids’ back to school schedule. They had a pretty tight dress code for everything including hair so I had to rush to get one for them at the last minute!

  29. 32

    This is a great list, I like the part about a last staycation. Great idea!

  30. 33

    We already have backpacks and lunchboxes and they wear uniforms to school. So… all we need is crayons, pencils and everything else on the huge, long list and we will be good!

  31. 34

    This is a wonderful back-to-school checklist! I am going to be printing this out to get ready for my daughter going to preschool this year!

  32. 35

    None yet. No kids yet :) But you covered some great tips! I can’t believe that summer is almost over :( It seems like it just started!

  33. 36

    We homeschool so some of these we personally don’t have to worry about (phew) but you’ve reminded me of a few things I do need to do! These are great tips!

  34. 37

    thanks for the checklist! Although I still have back to school on my back burner for now. I have so much going on

  35. 38

    This is a great list of things that need to be done before school starts! Can’t think of others to add at the moment.

  36. 39

    Great to do list for parents, many of those appointments I would not have thought of. I would start buying school supplies now with all the great sales going on.

  37. 40

    We just wrapped up the dentist visit today. School uniforms are next!

  38. 41

    This is a great list! We still have a few bits and pieces we need to get other than that we are ready.

  39. 42

    With 3 little girls going back to school this year, I’ve gotta get started on this list. Thank you for the great tips!